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As a mom of two, soon to be three, laundry is something that is a constant in my home. No matter how many loads get done there seems to always be more on the horizon. With a fourth grader who loves to play basketball during recess and a two year old who lives for craft time at school, it’s not a surprise that keeping their clothes stain free isn’t their first priority. But trying to maintain clean clothes AND protecting their skin can be difficult, as a lot of laundry products have chemicals that can irritate. Lucky for me, I’ve got some solutions that help me keep the girls and their clothing looking top notch at the same time.

Keeping Your Home Free & Clear of Allergies This Spring

When two year old was around 8 or 9 months, we noticed that she was encountering some skin sensitivities with the diapers she was using. After going through several brands, we finally landed on one that alleviated her itchy skin. This prompted me to get more mindful about the products I was using for her on a daily basis because I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. As someone who also battles allergies, I know that what I use for skincare, hair care, and even home products is important. Now that I’m aware of her proclivity to rashes and or breakouts I have some insight on how you can guard your own little ones too.

The Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

The Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

Check Your Laundry Products:

One of the first things I did when I discovered my allergy to denim was to re-evaluate out my laundry products. The same was done when I noticed my youngest’s irritations. Using something that is free of harsh chemicals but still can handle the dirt from the day was important. Enter Clorox Free & Clear Stain Remover and Color Booster packs. Not only are these little packets full of stain fighting power but they also don’t leave behind anything that will to have my babies itchy and not feeling their best because it’s made without dyes or perfumes. By simply pairing the 3-in-1 formula booster pack with my normal detergent removes tough stains the first time, fights odors, brightens colors, making that laundry I mentioned earlier to last longer. It actually removes 4x the stains and brightens 2x more meaning my girls won’t have last week’s lunch on their t-shirts when they reach for them next. Not to mention it comes in convenient, solid pack so I don’t spill it at all a win for this mama who is always moving too fast. All while making laundry quick and easy, just how I like it!

The Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

Opt For Organic Items – But Read the Labels:

Like most people, I used to think when I saw something labeled organic, it meant that it was all natural.

Fast forward a few years and I realized that is not the case for everything. While many products claim to be 100% organic in nature or materials there can still the be presence of ingredients that are harmful for you. My suggestion is not to simply take the organic claim at face value but to read the label thoroughly to know exactly what you are putting in and on your body. Be that with food or products take into consideration what organic really means. With household items organic can mean the lack of harsh chemicals or synthetics, it is smart to familiarize yourself with those that are harmful and those that aren’t.

Have An Allergy Panel:

Typically, no one is excited about running to the doctor to be poked or prodded but it can be the most surefire way to discover if something is bothering you internally or affecting your skin. There are so many variations of allergies and being tested for them can help you figure what may be in your home that’s harmful to you. This test helped us find out that my youngest has a slight aversion for dairy, that I can’t have any penicillin based meds, and that some materials pose issues for me like faux metals. With the test done, I am more equipped on what my household can handle.

The Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

Being a mom comes with its share of must do’s from household chores to simply giving out hugs as needed. With products like Free & Clear from Clorox I am able to get the hard and time-consuming stuff done quicker and easier so I can focus on the good stuff with my family more often.

The Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in EverythingThe Hautemommie: Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything


Photography: Anna Linduska Photography
Do you or your family suffer from allergies, how are you keeping them away? Share with me!


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  1. Irnise Williams says:

    My little one has allergies. Waiting for our appointment for our allergy panel.

  2. Shametria says:

    Great tips. My husband has terrible allergies so these are great ideas.

  3. Nijah says:

    beautiful family, love the pics and it’s good that you are in tuned with your child’s allergies and products that do not cause breakouts. It’s good you have a handle on that to avoid scarring and flare ups on the skin. Also congrats in advance on the birth of your new baby!

  4. Kenyatta says:

    This came right on time for me. Thanks for your review of the free & clear products from Clorox. I will be giving it a go for my kiddo!

  5. As someone who struggles with allergies all year, these tips were so helpful. Can’t wait to try them!

  6. WilsonsGuide says:

    These are good tips! I haven’t used this Clorox product before, but am adding it to my Amazon shopping list to try it!

  7. Breanna says:

    Clorox is the best!

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