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We’ve all got our go-to’s, the laundry list of items we use to make our beautiful faces feel complete. Those items can change from time to time but most beauty insiders know there are always old faithfuls you fall back on. Today I want to give you an inside peek at what I use to achieve my daily look because whether your makeup bag needs a revamp or you’re ready to build one from scratch – I’ve got something for you. In this series, “What’s In My Makeup Bag?” I’ll share with you some of my favorite products. Up first one my favorite beauty aids – LIPSTICK!




If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know your girl loves a good lip! Lipstick can take a drab face to infinity and beyond. There was once a time when I was afraid of putting any color on my soup coolers for fear of looking like a clown but the days of that silly insecurity are far behind me. These are a few of my favorites from nude to vampy and everything in between:

Makeup Bag - LIPS

MAC Ruby Woo // LANCOME Juicy Tubes // VASELINE Lip Therapy // CHAPSTICK Classic // DOSE OF COLORS Matte Liquid Lipstick // NYX Liquid Suede 

Each of these lippies stays on hand in my makeup bag. Because of their high pigment, non-drying feeling I really like Dose of Colors. You know when using many matte lipsticks you end up looking like you’re dying of thirst after a few hours. These lipsticks have long staying power and great colors options, get into it. NYX is a brand that most people know as the beauty supply store brand. They have really flourished as of late and have even started opening up brick and mortar stores around the world, I’m pretty sure it’s because of the affordability and the makeup being worth way more than the price tag. While I don’t have to say too much about M.A.C but I will say this – every woman should have a good classic red they go to. Mine happens to be Ruby Woo, instant GLAM no matter what I pair it with. My Vaseline lip therapy, Chapstick, and Lancome juicy tube are all for the days when I don’t want too much going on just enough so my lips are moisturized and have a hint of shine.

As a former fearer of colored lips, it is safe to say I’ve been DELIVERT – thank god because there’s nothing worse than a ashy, boring lip. Hopefully you can find something you love among my favorites. Let me know what you try!

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  1. […] As a young girl I was often insecure about the fullness of my lips. I heard crass statements from boys about how they looked and was afraid to wear color on them for fear they’d look too big. Now years later I’m happy to say I’m content with my pout and lipstick is probably one of my favorite makeup items. […]

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