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For years sneakers leaning toward orthopedic was solely meant for those who get movie tickets on the cheap. Nowadays the clunkier the shoe the more en vogue. From brands like Louis Vuitton with their Arclight, Balenciaga and their Triple S, down to more street brands like Adidas. As a person with narrow feet and thinner legs I can say I don’t typically lean toward chunkier shoes. But I do love sneakers, so that’s changed everything. In today’s post I’m going to share with you how I style the granddad trend. Jump in for more!

You all know how much I love tennis shoes and how I am not opposed to incorporating them into my wardrobe whenever I can. While a lot of people see these as ugly, I can say that I was pretty intrigued at first sight. How to style granddad sneakers from Hautemommie - more on the blog

Typically thick soled, wide sneakers are saved for granddad’s and nurses who are on their feet all day. But finally fashion has recognized that stilettos, pumps in the club are not ideal foot attire for walking around in. And to be frank, I’m glad. The Louis Vuitton Arclights we’re my initial foray into the trend and though the colorway is not something neutral I find that I can pair these sneakers with a lot of my wardrobe. Like here where I opted for a little pattern mixing with the polka dot and the logo.

Granddad sneakers from balenciaga and more, check out how to style them on The HautemommieLearn how to style the sneaker trend from The Hautemommie!

OUTFIT DETAILS: dress – Monki // tennies – Louis Vuitton // belt bag – Zara // sunnies – Zara // bracelets – henri bendel

If you pay attention to street style at all, the next pair of shoes I styled is no shock to you…

The Balenciaga Triple S’s. Again upon first look at these sneakers I thought, “What are thossseeeeeeeee?!” but then I saw them in person and in this yellow pink color offering and I was in love! Yes, I have narrow feet so they felt a wee bit wide at first but after a couple wears I got accustomed to them. Paired with some biker shorts and an oversized denim jacket they felt perfect but I also love wearing them with dresses to give a funky look rather than a dressy one.

The Hautemommie shows you how to style the granddad sneaker trend.Wondering how to style the granddad sneaker trend, let Hautemommie show you how. Leslie of The Hautemommie shares how she styles her sneakers in this fresh post on The Hautemommie!Balenciaga triple S's to Louis Vuitton Arclight's, Hautemommie shows you how to style granddad sneakers.Rocking chunky sneakers is all the rage, Hautemommie shows you how to style granddad sneakers.

OUTFIT DETAILS:  jacket – Sunset & Spring // biker short – ASOS // tennies – Balenciaga // sunnies – Chloe // purse – Louis Vuitton

In addition to these two favorites in my closet, I also sprung for a pair that is more simple and chic. The Alexander McQueen platform sneaker come in an array of colors from metallic to white with a variety of suede backs. I chose the white and black option because a girl must always have a pair of white sneakers on hand. These are a tad pricey but you can get the same look with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s and be just as fly.

Leslie of The Hautemommie rocks Alexander McQueen sneakers in her how-to post on the granddad sneaker trend!Hautemommie shows readers how to rock chunky sneakers.Granddad sneakers need to be finessed, let Hautemommie show you how.
I must admit this trend is one I’ve clung too pretty hard because uhh…sneakerhead here. I have put myself on a ban from buying anymore with these exception of a pair from Chloe but then I promise, I’m done! Hahaha!

What do you guys think, love or hate?

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