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I‘ve recently rediscovered the joy that having dope sneakers brings me. The Puma x Fenty creeper was also nominated for sneaker of the year last year. A coincidence? I think not. Okay maybe a small one but the point is I’m glad I’ve returned to my first love. I was in the eighth grade when I got my first pair of Nikes. I was ecstatic, then came my classic shell toes and my collection continued to build from there. Something about sneakers always piqued my interest. Then in the process of growing up, hitting the club, and having jobs; heels became my go to. I’m happy to say that things have a way of creeping back up on you and boy am I glad sneakers have.

Hautemommie talks about her love of sneakers especially Puma x Fenty creepers.

I couldn’t tell you which shoe it was that brought me back to tennies but it was likely a pair of Stella McCartney Adidas. I spent years pledging my allegiance to stilettos and pumps because the desire throw some sexy on my outfits out won the lure of comfort. Not to mention when you’re trying to break free of being considered just one of the boys, it doesn’t help if your only footwear is a pair of chucks. Thankfully now I realize that trading in my heels for a pair of huaraches isn’t leaving me devoid of femininity it’s just putting a different spin on it.

Hautemommie wears her favorite sneakers and talks about how shoes made her who she is.Outfit courtesy Dude Be Nice, STS Blue, and Puma x Fenty, see more at The HautemommieCreeping along in her favorite sneakers Hautemommie talks her first love.

You’re probably thinking, “who knew sneakers held so much weight,” right? I had this same thought! It was shocking to me too to be quite honest and I realized that in my goals to lady up I had left a little bit of myself behind. After being an athlete for years I was accustomed to wearing tennis shoes all the time or throwing on some sandals to let these dogs breathe. Attending college at literally one of the most fashionable institutions in the country will force you to step your game up and I did. But in stepping it up I also stepped away. Really this post isn’t all about sneakers and my love of them. It’s about learning not to lose yourself as you grow. It’s inevitable that change happens but you’ve got to hold on to who you are in the process.

Hautemommie in Hyden Yoo, speciality shop in Venice on Abbot KinneyLifestyle blogger Hautemommie on her first love, more on the blog. Feeling empowered by being herself, see more on Hautemommie's first love on the blog.Spring in the air around Hautemommie and her fav sneaks, more on the blog!

What brought me back to sneakers I believe is realizing that my love of them didn’t mean I was denying my grown woman. I wasn’t eschewing the potential to impress some would be suitor or reverting back to immaturity. It was none of those ridiculous ideas that were taking place in my mind. Style is a form of self expression and if we cut ourselves off from certain pieces of it thinking that it doesn’t fit with an image we’re trying to portray, we risk losing the chance to shine. And wearing the kicks that were voted shoe of the year? That’s shining.

Details. Style discoveries that led Hautemommie to return to her first love. More on the blog!Hautemommie wears Dude Be Nice, Hyden Yoo, and STS Blue. Photos by RSee Photography. Thinking about love...of sneakers that is. More on the blog.

Outfit details: Dress (worn as a top) – Hyden Yoo // Jeans – c/o STS Blue // Sneakers – Puma x Fenty Creepers // Purse – vintage Chanel // Hat – c/o Dude Be Nice. // Bracelet – Abercrombie & Fitch //
Hautemommie captured in STS Blue denim by RSee photography. Distressed denim under $100!! More on The Hautemommie! Black girl killing it - more on The Hautemommie Chillin with Hautemommie and Puma x Fenty
Photos: RSee
As you begin to grow develop a sense of taste and style don’t be so quick to shrug off the you of the past. That you is the most genuine one that exists. Let it be free!


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  1. nancy says:

    great post! I only have one pair of sneakers. They are my running shoes. No idea where they are tho. they probably covered full of dust…. I should get some new ones and take a break from the heels.

  2. DShaunte says:

    I feel you on this. I recently started in my love for sneakers. I wear them with everything now, heels are great for the sexy but sneakers are so comfy. I love the whole look!

  3. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory says:

    I am really digging your blog… I am a sneakers type of Lady too… I love my Nike and Sketchers… but after reading and see your Pumas… I might have to go get a pair.

  4. Fancie says:

    This was a really good read! I’m not big on sneakers but I still think society puts too much pressure on women to be in heels all the time. They’re cute but so uncomfortable! I only like to wear them when going out. Otherwise, I definitely prefer flats lol! I’m glad you’re rediscovering yourself and what makes you happy, comfortable and unique. That’s what’s truly important! You seem to have such a great sense of style that you can obviously do both anyway. Continue to slay Queen!

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