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Kid Friendly Items That Don’t Steal Your Home Aesthetic

Having children comes with changes. To your life, your wardrobe, and most definitely your home. One of the things that is really important to me is space and how it looks. Growing up in tight quarters most of my life, I’m highly protective of my home and the energy I allow inside of it. What I’ve also discovered is that how home looks can either make me feel welcomed or like I want to flee. Last year when Glitter Guide asked if they could do a tour of my home, I took that as an opportunity to make some tweaks that I had been dying to do. Since then I’ve been slowly continuing to mold and create the aesthetic of my home to be chic but still kid-friendly. Dive in for some products and tips on how I maintain my home’s chic look without sacrificing my children’s comforts.

Children should feel at home but I don’t want to feel like I’m living in a preschool, that is number one rule when I think of home decor. Obviously that can be hard because most toys are plastic, loud, and brightly colored. While that is awesome in a playroom, it doesn’t exactly scream zen space in one’s living room. Being a mom of three also means that I am the proud owner of a lot of stuff. Legos, stuffed animals galore, play food and kitchen goodies are found everywhere. What I decided as my family continued to grow was that with storage being a necessity it had be also be tasteful. I’ve tried it all – large buckets, baskets, and tubs.

One of the keys to nailing down storage that compliments your space is ensuring that you are choosing pieces that can be multi-functional. For instance, do you have a TV stand? Rather than just using a slender table for the television opt for something that also has drawers where board games and game consoles can be hidden when not in use. This also helps with the age game of asking Mom where everything is. *insert eyeroll here* Try to find something that allows you to choose the drawers which will help with keeping continuity throughout your home. The thing that I found the most useful has been storage ottomans.

Your house doesn’t have to feel like a museum to look nice…

But it also doesn’t have to look like no adults reside there either. I abide by the thought that anything coming into my house needs to fit into the aesthetic. From step stools to baskets even down to toys. It took me a while to nail down a home feel. In the years I’ve lived on my own the mood has shifted as I’ve grown. From beach vibes to eclectic glamour and now I would say it’s a mix of bohemian glamour. I like details that spark conversation but also serve purpose. I like my home to feel lived in but not messy. And similar to my wardrobe I’m not one for loads of color, but rather I lean toward neutrals with pops of flair.

In order to keep that sentiment throughout my space I tend to go for metallic accents, wood, and light colors. Through this post are some of the necessities I’ve purchased to help me to do that. Keeping a mix of high end products and more affordable options is also top of the list, so I’m not sad if something gets dirty or broken. I’m looking forward to a lush velvet couch once my kids aren’t made up of crumbs but until then a comfortable one upholstered in outdoor fabric will do. Simple alternatives like this help me not want to pull my hair out on a daily.

If you’re like me and can be a bit anal particular about your home and it’s look, snag some of these pieces to get exactly the motif you’re looking for. Homes are always evolving so this won’t be forever but until everything can be white, this can work! Are you a mom with your own secrets to the trade? Share them here, the other hauties would love to check them out!

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