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Most women have myriad of items that they refuse to let go of for reasons. Ranging from “it’ll come back in style” to “one day I’ll fit it again…” there is just something hard about putting the shirt, jackets, or pants in a bag and calling it quits. For instance I bought this jacket a couple years ago and to be frank, it didn’t fit then. Yet, like the good hoarder I am, I kept it. Stupidly. Now finally two years later it finally doesn’t make my armpits cry for mercy and…I don’t even like it. So why you ask, am I taking photos in it? As a lesson to myself and a message to you that we all have to learn to let go.

The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style

A standard moto jacket, white in color, cropped in fit; the type of jacket that truly should live in everyone’s repertoire. A piece you can pair with most outfits and can be worn year around. Last year after I gave birth I embarked on a goal to be more conscious when I shopped. I already hadn’t shopped much since I was pregnant so it was relatively easy. I noticed my closet was filled to the brim with items like this – clothes I hoped I would get around to wearing rather than things I actually liked to wear. I found myself shopping for items with shooting for the blog in mind and not everyday life. I had to take stock of my wardrobe and recognize that it couldn’t be creative directed, it needed to be functional.

The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In StyleThe Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style

I am a minimalist by no means.

In fact quite the opposite, call me a girl who lives to the max. Yet I find myself in a space where I want to shop with more purpose. No more do I want to simply click buy or throw it in the bag because it may come in handy “one day”. It’s interesting actually because I was never an impulse shopper. It was very difficult for me to shop because I would question my purchases so much that it wasn’t fun. Likely related to not having the money to do it or feeling like my dollars could be spent more wisely, shopping frustrated me. Now I’ve taken a complete 180, shopping brings me solace and joy but my overrun closet is not bringing me peace, and that my friends is a problem.

The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style

Seems ironic huh, a person who blogs about style and shopping wanting to put the kibosh on having more clothing? But the desire to have things in my closet that are meaningful or at the very least pieces that I will wear more than once sounds like the thing that I should be striving for. And so that’s why I’ve put myself on a conscious shopping plan. No it’s not about only shopping with brands that are sustainable – I’m not all the way there yet. Or even not shopping as much but I am going to stop doing a lap or three in Zara every time I pass one. I may even delete the ASOS app off of my phone so I’m not too tempted. Moving forward I’m focused on building my wardrobe on love and usefulness. I want my wardrobe to excite me and represent me well.

The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style

OUTFIT DETAILS: jeans – Topshop // jacket – Zara (old) // shirt – Zara // boots – Frye (gifted) // purse – Zac by Zac Posen // sunnies – Celine
The Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In StyleThe Hautemommie: One Mom Doing It All In Style

Moving forward my focus is going to be on finding items that I’m excited to share and style. Pieces that make me smile from within and feel pretty on the outside. Because fashion is fun and shouldn’t be a burden. I’ll also get around to cleaning out my closet again so follow me on Poshmark and my closet Instagram – @thehautemommieworeit for your chance to buy what I am letting go of.

Photography: RSee

2019; new year, better closet?


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  1. Tyler says:

    Love this, Leslie! I totally agree—I have found myself buying for the blog and not for everyday life. Great post and excited for a better closet in 2019! xx Tyler

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