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Patchwork Mama – Learning and Loving My Bod

Looking at the title of this post you’re immediately bound to think it’s all the cropped number I’m donning in these photos. And while it is, there is also a bit of story behind the patchwork mama. Initially when seeing this shirt in Zara I instantly wanted it, then I saw it was cropped and thought against it. However, at the urging of my mom, I went ahead and took the plunge. Want to know more about how this hot pink cropped crew gave me a boost in confidence? Keep reading!

Style Maven: The Hautemommie --

I’ll go on record now saying having a baby at 23 and having one at 30 certainly takes a different toll on your body. I gave birth to my oldest daughter in 2008 via an emergency cesarean and to my second daughter VAC in 2015. After my surgery in 2008 to bring Lil D into the world, there was little evidence that she had been a near eight pound bundle of joy. Save a couple of stretch marks and my hips settling into a womanly curve, I looked the same. That story definitely changed after giving birth to Baby C. With her, there were stretch marks, kidney stones, a hernia repair, and the side effects of an epidural that still rears its ugly head. After two births and two surgeries resulting in two great loves, I feel like a piece of patchwork art myself.

Style Maven: The Hautemommie --, Zara, Trends, Patch work, Rayban

Buying this top was a challenge. Not because it isn’t uber cute and right on appliqué trend, but because it means I have to come to terms with the fact that my body isn’t what it used to be. I know the life of having abs and a snatched waist. There was a time when wearing a crop top wouldn’t have bothered me too much. Yet it took several try ons before I convinced myself that wearing this was okay. Sure, you’ll see my tiger stripes a bit and no my stomach isn’t flat unchartered territory, it’s been inhabited, loved on and I’ve got to accept it. Buying this shirt, helped me realize that.

Style Maven: The Hautemommie -- Style Maven: The Hautemommie --

Rather than being embarrassed about what my mommie body is, I’m challenging myself to love it. And it isn’t easy by a long shot. However having daughters teaches you that girls learn how to love and respect their bodies at an early age. I never want my girls to feel like they aren’t beautiful enough, gorgeous enough, or worry about their physical attributes in ways that make them feel less than. I want to show them through my own actions that we have to appreciate ourselves in all ways. Even while I’m checking out various workout regimens to implement in my life, I want them, and hell even me, to recognize that it’s for the benefit of my health not just my waistline.

Style Maven: The Hautemommie -- Style Maven: The Hautemommie --

I don’t buy all my clothes with the purpose of sharing my own body confidence struggles but when something does effect how I feel then I can’t help but to share. It’s not likely I’ll be whipping out the short shirts this season because I’m not that free just yet. I can say I’m glad I took the plunge and grabbed this off of the rack and certainly I’m well aware of what looks best on me but sometimes I’m willing to take a chance. This proved to be worth it.

Style Maven: The Hautemommie -- Style Maven: The Hautemommie --

Wearing: Shorts – Abercrombie // cropped sweatshirt – Zara // Sandals – Stuart Weiztman // Sunnies – Rayban // Clutch – Rebecca Minkoff

I hope you can be encouraged to embrace your body even while you work to make it what you want. Continue even while you work to love and embrace you. But remember to dress to feel your best because cute clothes are a good cure.

What do you do to deal with body image issues? Let’s build each up!



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  1. Autum says:

    I can so relate to the mommy body struggle!! You are killing this look I want that crop hoodie I love this look!! adding this to my Pinterest board

  2. Nelly says:

    First of all you look stunning
    What do I do to deal with body image issues? I try and keep my mind busy so as not to stray away and we all know an idle mind is the devils workshop this issues of body image may arise. I wrote or look in Pinterest for new fun things

  3. Cynthea says:

    Girllllll, this look is everything! You look amazing. Keep it up! <3

  4. Shani Davis says:

    I love this outfit and you look amazing for a mother of two!

  5. D'Shaunte says:

    Yes girl, body confidence is so important and sometimes so hard to have after having children. I am so glad you are finding yours. This has encouraged me and will surely encourage others.

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