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New year, new everything, am I right? Be that a new diet, a new outlook on life, or perhaps even a new job; fresh beginnings are afoot. I’ve noticed this year that more people have jumped on the theme or word of the year bandwagon in lieu of resolutions and I’m like – welcome! As you all know I’ve been starting my new years this way for about six years now. Last year’s word was elevatethe year before was transition, and in 2012 my word was love. This year I have thought long and hard about what I need for 2019. Keeping reading to see how it turned out.

Last week I gave a bit of insight on how to set intentions for your new year and your life. Today I want to dive in a bit more on why I chose peace, as my word of the year. For much of my life I have focused a lot on how I wouldn’t live paycheck to paycheck or from struggle to struggle. Unfortunately because my childhood and even my early adult years, were that way. While I will say it did not inhibit me from experiencing the world and seeing some of it, it was hard. When you’re worried about bills and money at the age of 10, you tend to live in fear. Twenty years later I am finding that I still hold onto to those fears and pains. That, causes me to focus a lot of my energy and goals on making sure I never go through that turmoil again. And to also make sure that my children don’t have to either.

The Hautemommie - One Mom Doing It All Chicly.

Sure, the motive behind my endless work ethic is noble, but it isn’t always healthy. 

Most people have the desire to give their children everything they didn’t have. Whether that’s creating a strong relationship, giving more affection, or a different lifestyle – they all have the same denominator. To be better. For me better is knowing that my checking account is always full and making sure I have set ways in my life to keep it that way. That choice has compromised my peace at times. It’s caused me to not be proud of anything I do because I feel like it’s never enough. It has made me feel like I don’t belong. And it most certainly has contributed to me feeling less than. I want to absolve myself of that fear this year. Free myself from the stress that I won’t be able to provide or have enough. It simply isn’t true. In 2019, it’s facts over feelings in all things.

The Hautemommie - One Mom Doing It All Chicly.

When I’m not worried about money, I find that am concerning myself with my words, my interactions, or my experiences. As someone who is hyper aware of oneself, I question those things a lot. I constantly aim to be my best at all times and never want to leave a bad impression. What I have to remember is that as long as my intentions are good, then I can only hope I am received well. Though I don’t vy for the approval of many, I still don’t want those who I do hold in esteem to ever feel as though I’ve done them wrong. What I am aiming for this year is to be at peace with knowing that my heart is always in the right place.

The Hautemommie - One Mom Doing It All Chicly.

In past years my word choices focused a lot of the manifestation of physical and financial things, my desire this year is for mental and spiritual peace. Because when all of those things are aligned, then, I believe we experience life at its greatest. Peace can surpass all feelings of doubt, it is comforting, it makes you whole, it relieves you; all of those are what I desire for my life.

The Hautemommie - One Mom Doing It All Chicly.

Photography: RSee Photography

As always I hope you are encouraged by this and that in my transparency you can find the courage to be exactly who you want to be. Let this year be the one that you set out to get everything you’ve been missing. Allow your word to be something that you can apply to every facet of your life and something that you consistently seek as you go.

Share your word with me if you’ve picked one, let’s hold each other up this year.

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  1. Jennifer O says:

    Such an insightful and enjoyable read. All the best in 2019!!

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  4. Chelsey says:

    This is a great post! I found your site through the IFB Link Roundup, and I’m glad I did! My word of the year is balance. I found myself overworking so much and getting burnt out last year, which would lead to days (or weeks) where I wouldn’t want to work at all. Instead of those high peaks and low valleys entering 2019, I’m focusing on having more balance in my life and recognizing when I’ve reached my limit and it’s time to take a pause.

  5. […] effort to get back to that joy and reigniting the spark of creativity in my life I have selected my word for the year which is focus. If you’re an active reader here, you know that choosing a word is how I work […]

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