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It’s been quite some time since I’ve delved into what I do to keep my moneymaker looking top notch. We’re talking skincare today friends. As a kid I often asked my mother if I could like the girls in my class who whipped out their compacts at age 12, dying to cover up blemishes that weren’t in existence. Thankfully she did not pacify my whims, in essence protecting my face and skin as long as possible. Ironically someone asked me on Instagram a few weeks ago – “how do you stay looking so young?” While I wanted to reply, “Baby, I’m Black.” I settled for something more straight forward which was – water and minding my business. Truthfully though this taunt, ageless looking face is the result of a quality skincare regimen that sees me through everything. Keep reading to discover my secrets for making sure my Black doesn’t crack.

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie AntonoffThe Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie Antonoff

If we’re talking about skin and aging well, I’m certain most of us can agree that Black women have this nailed down to a science. Some people may attribute it largely to our fabulous genes and God’s grace, but I am going to let you in on something. Looking good isn’t a thing Black folks don’t take seriously. From our outer appearance to our spirits, we are very good at trying to make sure we are 100% on most fronts. Today however let’s just discuss how these sepia tones are always glowing and how Bianca Lawson looks like she just wrapped Dawson’s Creek yesterday and not fifteen years ago.

I have said before, washing your face is not optional

As of late I have been treating my facial routine to a limit three washes. The Tatcha Deep Cleanse Exfoliating cleanser, MAC’s Volcanic Ash exfoliator, my tried and true Kate Somerville Detox Daily cleanser, and a timeless classic St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I obviously do not use each of these cleansers every day otherwise I’d likely wash the brown off of my face altogether but I rotate them throughout the week. Trading off between cleansers and scrubs, always ensuring that I am adequately removing all of the day’s dirt and makeup from my face before I call it a night.

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie Antonoff

The key to giving your skin the attention and honor it deserves, is making certain that you have taken every ounce of makeup off of your face before you go to sleep. Any remnants can clog your pores thus resulting in breakouts. Using your fingers is usually adequate enough to get the job done but I am a firm believer in adding some tools to your arsenal to be sure that the task is done thoroughly. I use Clarisonic brush but for the last year I’ve been also using a Foreo. Since it is silicone I feel more confident knowing the brush is clean after rinsing and washing post using it on my face. There are times when I feel like my Clarisonic may be holding dirt in its bristles which deters me from using it nightly. I would recommend the Foreo if you’re still without a cleansing brush.

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie Antonoff

In addition to my arsenal of cleansers and my tools, I have begun using serums as well. As we age our skin starts to change and what I have found to be the most effective for me in maintaining an even skin tone has been vitamin C. After a facial last year at Burke Williams, I purchased their vitamin C serum and saw a significant effect on my skin. But I knew it was real when other people noticed. Though I loved the result of the product I didn’t necessarily want to pay the price for it, when I was certain I find something at a fraction of the cost. Enter, The Ordinary. I had heard of the line before I ever took the plunge and finally I opted to give it a go with their Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% or more commonly, Vitamin C. 

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie Antonoff

Since starting to use the combination of the serum, cleansers, brush, and a varying moisturizers I am loving the results. The luminescent look of my face makes me feel great on my days sans makeup and with summer coming, I definitely want foundation to be on hold for the hot months ahead. If I can leave you with anything it is this — invest in skincare. Makeup is fun, but it can’t fill in for great skin. You can shop everything I am using and if you’ve got some gems to share, drop them in the comments!

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog from Leslie Antonoff

Here’s to loving the skin you’re in.

be well,





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