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Monogram It: Put Some Respeck On Your Name

If you’re a follower of my Instagram you know that I have an affinity for monogramming just about everything. And if you’re not a follower, umm hello — fix that. But anyway back to the reason why you’re here, throwing your name on it. Growing up I always thought monogramming was something meant for people who lived high on the hog. So glad that I’ve learned now everyone is privy to putting some respeck on your name, by stamping it on everything!

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!I’ve rounded up a few items that I think are killer and once you add your initials or name to them, it’s like a cherry on top. There’s something so classy about monograms that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of. With every major investment piece I purchase I always opt for the personalization because it brings a uniqueness to the item. Especially if it’s something popular like a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Give your everyday pieces a personal touch!

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

phone case // tote bag // card caseThe Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!luggage tag // travel cases // pj set 

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

ipad case // passport case // makeup case
The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!
satchel // iphone case // overnighter

There you have it 12 dope pieces at every price point to get you into the monogram game. I hope you get inspired to make people put some respeck on your name or at the very least make sure they know who the cute purses belong to.

What are you planning on grabbing first??

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  1. Sierra says:

    I absolutely love monograming !! I would put my initials on everything if I could . Actually I was kind of hoping that my baby was a girl so I could do that for her but I have a boy . Not that I can’t do it still it’s just more dainty lol these are some great things to monogram tho. I may just do it and tell my husband you made me .

  2. Barbi3 says:

    I’ve never been a fan of monograms but, you’ve got me reconsidering it! The pieces you suggested adds sophistication and style to the art of monogramming. Great post and I love your site! I may monogram my luggage and wallets now. That’s how you #PRIMPLIFE!

  3. Kanani says:

    I’m so fashion challenged….The thing I see me monogramming is either my cell phone like you suggested OR maybe my laptop or computer case.

  4. […] know I’ll have the space. I also opted to have my bag monogrammed because as I’ve said before it adds an extra touch of glam and chic to my luxury wares. In addition to the LV option some of my […]

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