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I got my first designer handbag when I was 20ish, a Coach tote that I loved hard. Truth is even before I could afford to splurge on purses I have always been a handbag fiend. So much so that my mom would tell me when going on weekend excursions to the mall, “Leslie, don’t come home with another purse.” It’s an addiction I tell you! But these days I’m more into buying things that are meant to last long which means luxury and designer are the way to go. If you’ve been wanting some tips on how to build your own collection, then this post is for you! Keep reading for my inside scoop on how to choose which bags are the right to choose.

When beginning to build your collection you want to take inventory of what type of bags you already use on a regular basis. Are you more of a tote or satchel girl? Do you tend to lean toward larger bags or are mini bags more your steeze? For me, I’m totally a mini bag and tote girl, I obviously either like to feel overwhelmed by my purse or only have enough room for my phone, chapstick, and my thoughts. Nonetheless this is perfect place to start when trying to decide what item you should being to save for or splurge on first.

For great totes, there are many but the GOAT is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. There are three sizes; MM, PM, and GM, mine pictured here is a GM. I got this bag with the idea that it could also double as a diaper bag if need be. You know when you’re a mom, your purse never fully belongs to you again. That said having something I can toss extra clothes, diapers, and snacks into is always great because I know I’ll have the space. I also opted to have my bag monogrammed because as I’ve said before it adds an extra touch of glam and chic to my luxury wares. In addition to the LV option some of my other favs are Goyard and MCM.

Another awesome way to build your bevy is opting for all things mini. Perhaps it’s because I always have a gaggle of things when I leave my house with my girls that when I’m out I tend to opt for the smaller of my bags. One of the first ones that I got was actually a Fendi purse my husband picked out for me. Yes, girls I’ve taught him everything he needs to know, lol. It is one of my favorite bags and also gets tons of compliments whenever I wear it – safe to say he chose well. Mini bags are also great because they tend to be a touch less expensive than the larger options. Which means they can be easier to save for and may not make your jaw drop as much when you see the total for your purchase. Check out a few that I love below.

As we all know belt bags or what we knew as fanny packs in the 80s, have made an extreme come back. Personally I’ve always had an affinity for them and up until a few years ago, had one on hand at all times. The Gucci marmont version has been seen slung on hips and across shoulder everywhere for the past few seasons and rightfully so, it’s gorgeous. In fact it’s my next purchase. I’ve been on the fence about which belt bag I want to buy but every time I look for another one I keep coming back to this. Though it is a trendy bag, I’d say add it to your collection because there will always come a time when you’ll need to be hands free, and this is the most chic way to do it. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, here a few others that may.

The reason I love designer bags is because they are pieces that get better with age and can be passed down to others, not to mention they add a little pizazz to a look. For me spending on these items doesn’t make me feel like I’m being wasteful. Which in the age of fast fashion can easily happen. The next time you’re in the market for a new bag, think about starting your collection and let me know what you picked.

Is there a designer bag you’ve been dreaming of getting? Tell me, I’d love to see your pick!

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