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Forgive my absence, a sista has been down with a cold that tried to get me but alas I have prevailed. Everybody’s favorite European juggernaut is having a dope sale and I rounded up a few items I think you should totally throw in the bag. From ruffles to stripes to shoes and more, I’m sure you’ll find something here that tickles your fancy. Feel like you get lost on the website or in store? I’ll help you score from the Zara sale – dive in. 

Stripes are among my favorite prints so I’d be remiss not to share some gorgeous choices that are ready for the taking right now at Zara. These five pieces are just the tip of the iceberg but certainly some that shouldn’t be left behind. I always seem to be lacking when it comes to blouses so I chose these because stripes can be paired with a variety of prints and solids.

The Hautemommie - A Blog That Speaks Chic

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By now if you don’t have a kimono in your closet you’re on the late train. But rather than let you continue to suffer I’ve got five that will save you from a summer of not being chic. You all know I love a good caftan and kimono and these options give the lady of leisure feel I live for. Rock them with jeans or shorts for an instant boost.

The Hautemommie - A Blog That Speaks Chic

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The Hautemommie - A Blog That Speaks Chic

Pearls are totally still a thing. If you’re loving them like I am then these next goodies are going to be right up your alley. As I’ve said pearls are indeed are girl’s new best friend. With a few pretty pieces on deck you’ll be sure to have just the right amount of classy lady any time you need it.

The Hautemommie - A Blog That Speaks Chic

onetwothreefour five

This is just a snippet of what Zara has to offer, plus always remember that in-store there are items that may not be found online any longer. Be sure to head in if you don’t see something online that you’ve had your eye on. And one final tip, go to multiple stores I’ve done this in the past and come up on gems I just knew I had lost out on.

Happy shopping friends!!



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  1. Galen says:

    Love this post I need those pearl sandals in my collection now!!

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