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Pregnancy Update – The First 20 Weeks

We’ve officially hit the halfway mark friends! 20 weeks down and twenty more to go until we meet our newest baby girl. Yes, that’s right we’re adding another princess to our bunch and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m jumping on to give you all an update on what’s happening with me. I’ll give some tips on how I’ve dealt with morning sickness, maintaining businesses through fatigue, and still keeping it chic. Keep reading for more! Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie

Battling Morning Sickness:

Now on my third pregnancy, you would think that I would have a system to help me get through those trying months of nausea, terrible indigestion, and barely being able to keep anything down. Truth is I have a few tricks up my sleeve but they did include being medicated this time. A stock of Perrier, Tillamook cheese sticks, and applesauce were about the only things I was able to consume during my first trimester, shoutout to those guys. I will say it was difficult though. Especially with two other kids and a husband to take care of too. But I did it! Hahaha. My suggestions are to find the things that you can stomach and keep them close to you. Also, eat small if you can, larger meals make it worse. Now in my twentieth week I’m doing better and have been able to eat mostly anything. My sickness has subsided for the most part and now it should be smooth sailing from here.

Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie

Staying On Task:

Running businesses and making babies is hard work man! Honestly running a small company can be trying, especially if you run it largely on your own. During my first and now part of my second trimesters I have come to the conclusion that it is time to add to my team. I’m going to need some superstars to help me keep cranking out apparel for Sweet Knowledge, run my blog, film a television show all while raising this crew. One of the ways I have been able to stay on top of things is definitely with help of my Happy Planner and attacking things in small increments. Where I used to sit at my desk for hours on end cranking out posts or designs, I now need to be more exact with what I’m doing when I sit down to work. Utilizing my Happy Planner to schedule every hour has kept me from falling behind, in between my need for midday naps. In 2018, nab yourself one.

Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie

Keeping It Chic:

To be honest with you, this has been the most challenging thing to do during my pregnancy. One would assume that maternity wear would be more fashion forward, considering women have been having babies since the beginning of time. Alas here we are being forced to squeeze into overpriced denim or leggings. While some ladies have the luxury of simply upsizing on their normal clothing choices, the rest of us are left to tees with ruched sides and they’re ugly to be quite frank. I gave a list of must-have’s in this post, but I’ve also been able to stay cute with the help of lines like Tracee Ellis Ross’ collaboration with JCPenney. This pregnancy has also confirmed a ten year goal of mine which is to create a stylish line of maternity wear because when you can’t find what you need — you create it. Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything: TheHautemommie

All in all things are going A-OK around here, we were given the nod that all things are normal with baby and she’s growing just fine. We haven’t picked a name just yet, but we have a few in mind. There are definitely some things I need to still prepare to be completely ready for her arrival but I’ve still got a few more months to get my ducks in a row. Until then y’all keep a sister prayed up!

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I’ll keep you updated! Talk soon!


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  1. says:

    You’re slaying the pregnancy though! Glad to hear you’re doing well and will continue to pray for a safe delivery xx

  2. Jam beauty says:

    Pregnancy and fashion…who says you can’t have a baby which looking cute doing it… running a business is hard enough on it’s own but running it pregnant is just crazy…hats off to you hun..a little at a time and you’ll still get everything done and on time too..great blog

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