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Wardrobe Needs For Chic Pregnancy Style

Three’s the charm is what they say and lucky for me – I’ve got number three on the way! I’m super excited to be expecting another bundle of joy around these parts. While my first trimester has certainly kept me down for a while I am finally starting to feel a little more like a human these days so I should be back around here sharing once more. Need some tips of your own, keep reading!

First and foremost I want to be the first to say maternity wear sucks. Truly. There is no beating around that bush. Since the birth of my first daughter almost ten years ago I will say it has made some strides but it is still no where near where it could and should be. ASOS, Target, H&M, and higher end brands like HATCH have helped but there is still a huge gap between cute and crap that needs to be filled. That said, I have been able to narrow down some pieces that I think can help until I create a line of my own.


Everyone needs great tees even when they aren’t expecting. The need for this classic item doesn’t cease to exist when you are. Here’s where you can score some that will last you from your first into your fourth trimester after your bundle has arrived. Two items as you’ll see have the standard rouched sides to accommodate your growing belly, but to be honest with you — I hate that. So that’s why my first option is just to go oversized. Everlane carries some of my favorite tees and I figure I can still enjoy them while pregnant by simply opting for a larger size.

one: Everlane // two: Target // three: Old Navy


Finding jeans while knocked up has never been my fortè. In fact usually I give up and just wear legging for nine months but this time I refuse to lose my battle with my beloved denim. Instead I’m going to throw out a couple options that have helped me and perhaps maybe some of you will have some others to throw my way. I tend to lean toward side panel jeans for as long as I can, but eventually buttons just aren’t happening anymore. When that time comes I will begrudingly opt for the over the belly waistband. Though helpful in aiding to carry the weight I usually find that I’m more constricted and in turn uncomfortable. And for a pregnant woman? Comfort is key. Which is why if I do grab a pair of over the belly pants I make sure the band is breathable, like this pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans from Pea In A Pod.

one: ASOS // two: Target // three: Pea In A Pod


It is so easy to end up in muumuus your entire pregnancy but if you’re petite like me, you don’t want to add anymore extra to an already growing body. That said, I like to stock up on dresses in a variety of lengths to get me through nine months. I’ve been pregnant through a variety of seasons and I will say carrying through the winter is far easier than the summer for me. You can layer with big sweaters and leggings, maxi dresses paired with overcoats, it’s just all much better than trying to stay cool in the warm months. Which is why I will be glad when the weather finally takes a turn here in LA. You’ll find some of my favorite picks below.

one: Topshop // two: Gap // three: Gap

These are my three must have basics to build upon for a stylish pregnancy. I can pair each of these items with things from my normal wardrobe like a leather jacket, denim button downs, kimonos, and more. Creating babies is hard work and worrying about how to still feel like yourself shouldn’t add to the stress. Even for those of you who aren’t there yet these basics can also be used to build you a fabulous closet as well!

Be sure to keep up with my bump style in real time over on my instagram, @hautemommie!

Until next time,

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  1. Autum Love says:

    OMG congrats on your pregnancy!! I’m sure you are gonna be slaying the whole way through girl!!! I want another baby so bad and can’t wait to get pregnant again!!! 🙂

  2. Rochelle says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy. I absolutely love your outfit, it’s so cute.

  3. Congrats love! Yes girl I had plans to slay this pregnancy it’s my third as well. But I been in the house for most of it so it was no point lol.

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