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Most people won’t turn down a French fry. Especially one that’s crispy, salty, and fresh out of the fryer. The only problem with loving those delights is that you often can’t remake the magic in your own kitchen. That is, until now. As a fried potato connoisseur I have spent days and nights trying to recreate a restaurant style fry to go with my burgers at home. And now my friends I have discovered it and am ready to share it with you!

I’ve had fries in France, in fancy restaurants, and holes in the wall and whenever I had the hankering for them at home those bags of frozen things never measured up. Sure, I had tried my hand at the fresh versions, peeling and slicing potatoes, heating up pans of oil only to be disappointed at every turn. I kept wondering time and time again – what’s the joke? Further why it was on me when it came to my fry game. However after much research and a few lessons I finally think I’ve got it.

The secret to the perfect French fry is two steps you’ve definitely been missing…

Once I discovered these two hacks it was au revoir to those floppy carbs I had been dreading. After you cut your potatoes, whether steak fry, shoestring, or fast food size, you need to rinse them in cold water. The colder the better. This step removes the starch from the potatoes allowing them to crisp up because the fries aren’t sticking together. They also are less likely to stick to the pan once you drop them in. Listen I am a person who enjoys convenience as much as the next guy but about five or six years ago I committed to making and eating better food by making things myself. That meant stepping away from those frozen bags and cutting up these guys. And if I’m being honest, I don’t miss them at all.

The other hack for the perfect fry is dropping the fries in the oil twice. I noticed that now matter the oil I used, the quantity, or how long I left my potatoes to fry they just never seemed to be, right. Then I discovered that if I gave my fries a double dip in the hot grease they firmed up and got the crunch I was longing for. Talk about a hot girl summer year around!

Now that I have nailed down the technique I’ve taken to creating spice blends to give my fries the kick they need to be as delicious as I want. The one I’m sharing with you here is a mix of nutritional yeast, garlic powder, dried parsley, onion powder, Lawry’s seasoned salt, black pepper, and dash of sugar. It’s a salty hint of sweet taste that makes my fries irresistible. Be sure to add the spice blend as soon as you remove your fries from their second oil dip. Fries need to be hot for the herbs and salt to adhere to the potatoes.

For the rest of the year I’m aiming to marry everything I do by sharing recipes and my illustrations with you. It was amazing to me to find out some of my readers weren’t aware that I’m also a chef and a television show going into its third season on Aspire this fall! I can’t wait to see what you all think and hear what happens when you try out the recipe.

No more eating terrible fries at home wishing you could have that fast food feel, now you can do it!

be well,

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  1. Shawnte says:

    I always rinse my potatoes after peeling them, but I mainly did this to keep them from turning brown, I never knew this helped make the fires crispier!!! And I can’t wait to try the double dip into the oil hack!!

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