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Recently as life would have it I’ve been traveling a lot more. With that I’ve made some revelations and realized traveling like an adult is far different from traveling as a broke college student. Here are a few things that I’ve learned that will make your traveling the fabulous experience you’d like it to be.

Traveling Like A Grown Up |

For starters – buy durable, but unique luggage. We all remember scoring those four to six piece sets from JCPenney or Macy’s during our younger years but the truth is they’ve seen better days and our clothes deserve something nicer now. Like these options:

Traveling Like An Adult - Luggage |

Next, you’ll need appropriate travel accessories. You know for chilly planes, less than stellar hotel pillows, headphones for drowning out the people who insist on chatting the entire journey, plus something to put it all in. I’ve picked out some of my favs for you here:Traveling Like An Adult - Accessories |

Finally make sure when you’re heading to the airport you’re not going in your fanciest PJ’s. There once was a time when traveling by air was a luxury and people dressed the part. Now everyone shows up looking like they’ve just rolled out of bed. It’s not HAUTE. My go-to travel outfit tends to be a maxi dress, culotte or palazzo pant and tank kind of look with a leather jacket or oversized denim shirt.

One more tip? Apply for TSA pre-check, time is money and this will save you tons of it when trying to get through security.

Up your chic by using these tips to leave behind your days of scrambling to find an X-fare as you drag along your Nike duffel, it’s time. Let me know how your next trip goes!

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  1. Aspen Renee says:

    Good Morning, New reader here! I have a few big trips planned in the upcoming months and I am looking for great luggage. Do you buy any chance have a list of these stylish options that you put in the collage? I have no idea where to start to figure out what brands these are / where they are sold. Please please please tell me where to find them! 🙂

    • The Hautemommie says:

      Morning, welcome to the HAUTE Spot! If you click right underneath the collage there are small pics of the items and if you click they will lead you directly to where you can purchase the options. Also, check,, and always for a sale – happy traveling! xoxo – Leslie

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