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TV Shows You Should Be Watching While You’re Stuck At Home

Well folks here we are – at home. And you know what, it somewhat stinks but also I think it’s showing us all how to slow down. As Americans we spend so much time running and ripping to and fro doing a bunch of nothing really. While it is inconvenient, a little scary even, certainly kind of boring I’m hoping it teaches all of us that we are capable of reaching within. To that end it can also be a moment to take reprieve from always having to DO. In an effort provide some lightness and usefulness right now, I’m dropping you a list of shows that can take your mind off of things even if for a little while.

With three kids running around here I don’t always get to watch whatever I’d like on TV. It’s usually educational or thanks to Disney+, all of the best 90s originals coming back to life in my house. Shoutout to The Proud Family and Lizzie McGuire. When they do retire for the night that’s when the good stuff comes on! Here’s my roundup of the shows I love. Recent and some not that can entertain you as you pretend to work, hahaha.

First up my Hulu choices…

Looking for things to binge while you're stuck at home? Hautemommie's got the list!

My Hulu list is little mix of crime boss, rom coms, and teen drama – very me. It used to be that if you wanted to know something about someone you could look at their iPod, these days take a gander at someone’s TV queue to really get to know them. Each of these shows was something that I binged fairly quickly and am waiting with bated breath for more. While most of the these shows are only one season in Queen Of The South, can hold you over with four seasons to dive into.

Looking for things to binge while you're stuck at home? Hautemommie's got the list!

Now unto to Netflix, the content king. I have quite a few series on the Flix that I watch faithfully but I can’t be the only person who gets overwhelmed trying to find something new. I’ll save you forty precious minutes and give you seven series that I give you the entertain you need. If you haven’t been under a rock you’re up on America’s fav couple – Lauren and Cameron. Don’t have a clue who they are? Tune into Love Is Blind and find out.

As a chef I am always diving into the food world deeper and deeper. I find that I can do that best through documentaries or mini-series that follow chefs around the world cooking and eating. I miss Anthony Bourdain, what can I say? For those who know my pain check out Cooked, Ugly Delicious, and The Chef Show. You’ll get your fill.

Earlier I mentioned to you all my love of teen drama television. You’ve also seen me lament here about how Felicity was my favorite series in middle school and I dreamed of college being just like that for me. I went to Howard so we see how that turned out but, I’m still in love with angsty kids. You want a little of that youthful energy in your life? Put Sex Education and On My Block on your watchlist, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re living in the era of the reboot and while some of them are horrible and could have surely stayed on the cutting room floor, I’m looking at you Mrs. Doubtfire. There are a few that have done the originals justice. Aladdin the live-action version was good okay?! And so is the 60s series reboot, Lost In Space on Netflix. Dangle in post-apocalyptic worlds in front of me and I’m like a fat kid on cake. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.

After you’ve done all the work you can muster, it’s okay to take a break. I’m working on feeling better about doing that myself. So here’s to chilling at home, slowing down a bit, and knowing we’re all going to be okay.

be well,


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