3 Outfits In 1

Within your closet it’s smart to have items that can make a multitude of outfits interchangeably. Sometimes a swift accessory switch can bring san entirely new feel to the same look. In this case a shoe change is all you need!

Stan Smiths + A Lace Pencil skirt = chic // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/
Casually Chillin // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/
Pairing a pencil skirt with an unexpected tennis shoe is the best way to spice up a skirt that could look like it’s made for an office. Wearing sneakers and skirts is something I’ve been doing since my school days when I was forced to dress up for things. Turns out – I was on to something! Converse and Adidas are typically the shoe of choice for this look, but as always do your own thing that’s the fun in fashion.

Just a girl in Chloe who likes Metallica // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/

Ballet slippers for walks on the cobblestone streets // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/
Zara Ballet Slippers + Chloe sunnies // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/
Straight Natural Hair // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/
I’ve longed for a pair of ballet slippers to wear and finally the fashion gods have answered my prayer. I thought the daintiness of ballet would be so chic paired with the grittiness of street wear or the casualness of jeans. I was right. You can thank me now, Aubrey said so. There are a few pairs out on the market now from Miu Miu but honestly this simple pair from Zara was everything I had been searching for.

Hate to see her leave, but love to watch her walk away. // https://thehautemommie.com/3-outfits-in-1/photos: rsee

Finally, of course a pair of heels are welcomed. Heels and skirts are always going to be timeless. Just be sure that they aren’t battling for attention. I kept the look low-key with these laced up options. Both navy and black in color they served as the key to balancing out this high low outfit.

Which shoe is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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