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4 Go To Restaurants For Great Meals in Long Beach

I love to eat. Who doesn’t, right? What I really hate though is starving and not being able to decide exactly what I’m craving. We’ve all been there racking our brains trying to decide if it will be Thai or Mexican. For situations like this I started keeping a running list of places to try when the mood strikes. Here are four of my go to restaurants for great meals in Long Beach that should definitely be added to your list!

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach blogger

The unspoken rule among vegans is that they must tell you within the first five minutes in your presence, that they are vegan. Rattling on about their superiority because they chose a life without chicken and cheese. Which is why when I first heard of Seabirds Kitchen I thought, “oh great an entire restaurant of elitists who eat bird seed and call it lunch.” And then I had the food. I had to eat my words right along with my delicious meal. With every bite of the signature purple taquitos and sip of the blueberry lemonade – I considered becoming a real life vegan.

The Hautemommie: A Life Lived Chicly

Long Beach is home to a rising food scene…

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach BloggerThe Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach Blogger

Situated in the 4th street corridor of Long Beach ironically across from a McDonald’s, Seabirds is serving up meals to remember. The menu is chock full of plant based delights that even the most carnivorous among us would enjoy. Trust me, I am said carnivore. But if given a choice between steak or the fried avocado tacos and the burnt brussel sprouts, I may opt for the latter. My suggestions? The award winning beet burger, the taquitos, or any salad I’m sure will tickle your fancy. Tell them I sent you and blame me if it’s all you want to eat for weeks after your first bite.

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach bloggerThe Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach blogger

Also housed on 4th amidst vintage shops, is Number Nine. A small but flavorful eatery doing Vietnamese food right. With modern decor and an approach to dishes that is easily considered comfort food. Each time I go I force myself not to order enough food for a Pop Warner football team. The calamari with spiked cognac mayo, lemongrass beef skewers, and of course crispy eggrolls are just the beginning. Not only is Number Nine wicked good they also are dedicated to doing good at the same time. Only serving food from sustainable and humane farms, it’s a meal with a cause. Be sure to chase your pho or banh mi with a beer from their seasonal list as well.

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach blogger

Along with these two gems is one of my favorite Thai restaurants, Manaow. Easily missed because it is nestled discreetly between a laundry mat and a corner store, is one of the best bowls of green curry I’ve tasted. Packing flavor and also whimsically served, the soup is one that I can never get enough of. With that I must always grab the eggrolls and beef satay. Completed with a Thai tea it’s an experience in delicious. I also love the decor in the space, it’s artsy and could pass for a hip coffee shop if you didn’t know better. Definitely a place you should visit the next time you’re in the city.

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach blogger

Discovering new eateries is high on my list. Which is why when I stumbled upon Ellie’s one night, in the middle of a quaint neighborhood, I was rife with intrigue. It looks like something that belongs in any up and coming neighborhood in Brooklyn. Thankfully you don’t have to go that far. With a menu that changes depending on availability Ellie’s is dishing up quality Italian fare on a street corner in LBC. My go to selections always include the grilled bread with pork butter. Yes, it is as decadent as it sounds. So memorable that I’ve dreamed of it. You must also get the meatballs and the pappardelle. My only qualm with Ellie’s is that parking can be a bear. Prepare accordingly and get here quick!

The Hautemommie: A Stylish Long Beach blogger

Photography: RSee Photography

I hope you get a chance to try some of these delicious places because it would be a true shame if you didn’t. The next time you visit Los Angeles venture a bit further east and south to make it happen. For my natives — hop on the freeway and eat good.

You can count on me sharing more posts like as the year goes on, I am super excited to show you more!

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