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I‘m an entrepreneur by definition – I own a clothing company. I have two television shows, that I created and now host. I run this blog and have more things are coming down the pipeline. I’m blessed AND busy. Some might even call me a #girlBOSS. With all of that, I have found that I need to gather inspiration from a variety of places and stay knowledgable. Here is a quick list of 4 podcasts that keep me inspired to stay up on business, the world, and get some laughs in the midst of everything I have going on.

  • Myleik Teele’s Podcast: Founder of CurlBOX and – she hosts her podcast of the same name via iTunes where she gives business advice, relationship tidbits, and all around “Girl, get yourself together” notes that I value from another seasoned Black woman.

find her here 

  •  gIRLBOSS Radio: A podcast with Sophia Amoruso as she interviews women in leadership positions in various industries. It’s amazing because you get to hear how most of these ladies got started in their careers and the hurdles they’ve climbed over to get there. They also shoutout girls from Twitter to highlight their #GIRLBOSS moments of the week – a certain Haute lady got one ;), maybe you’ll be next?

find it here 

  • Another Round: If you haven’t heard of Heben and Tracy by now I’m convinced you’re living under a rock. Another Round is the dope podcast comprised of these two Black girls who enjoy a good bourbon and a hearty laugh. They’ve had a chat with everyone from Queen Latifah to Wendell Pierce and talked about everything from mental health to why men don’t use lotion. It’s amazing. Subscribe now and get your dose every Tuesday.

Find them here:

  • This American Life: While not new in the least, I still think it’s a podcast for the ages in a time when podcasting is becoming everyone’s jam. It tells the stories that aren’t always told in America – gives insight into what we may be missing around the nation.

Find the show here: 

Go ahead and hit subscribe on these podcasts and share some with me, I’d love to hear what you all are listening to!

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