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12 Chic Must Have Kitchen Items From IKEA

It used to be that IKEA was synonymous with cheap furniture that you owned during college and just after. These days any smart person has come to see that the Swedes know what they’re doing when it comes to design. As a chef it is important for me that my kitchen is outfitted appropriately and is a reflection of who I am. For me that means chic, elegant, and typically a neutral color. While I have do have a myriad of must have’s that are always on hand for cooking, this list I’ve created for you is a roundup of items from our fav European outpost. Looking to make your kitchen a place of zen in 2020, check out this list to get you started!

When I was younger decor was whatever I could afford. What I didn’t realize then was that affordability didn’t have to mean haphazard. Thankfully I’ve since learned in my older years that quality home decor and excellence can be found at a price that doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. I’ve found that the better things look, the more comfortable I feel. Function and aesthetic are certainly top of mind when it comes to my 2020 vision. And in an effort to help you, my Hauties, I wanted to shed some light on things that make that easy for me.

12 Chic Must Have Kitchen Items From IKEA

By no means do I consider myself a minimalist.

In fact I’m probably quite the opposite, maximalist all the way. More is great. The issue I think people run into with the more is that it has no rhyme or reason. It is easy for this to happen in our kitchens most of all. Every time you turn around there is a new item that has made it’s way around to hop up on our shelves for display. If you follow every trend you’ll start to find your cabinets and shelves bursting at the seams with a mashup of cutlery and pots that don’t remotely go together. So instead of that, let me get you started with some items that will go with any color or other neutral you decide to bring into your space.

Hautemommie shares her 12 must have kitchen items from IKEA


Here you have it, twelve items that live in the Hautemommie kitchen come hell or high water. Each of these has proven to be worth the cost and something that I will always replace when the time comes.

  1. APTITLIG Chopping Board -I love this chopping board for presenting mostly, as I don’t use wooden boards for actual cutting. Since they can’t be washed as thoroughly as I’d like. But the weight and quality of this would be excellent for either use.
  2. GEMAK colander – You need a colander, it makes washing veggies easier, draining, etc. It’s necessary. This one isn’t clunky and plastic so it can also be used as a fruit bowl if you want to. Multi-use is where it’s at!
  3. KONCIS whisk – a  necessity and it works well.
  4. DYRGRIP wine glass – obviously if you’re 21+ you have to get your stemware up. I bought stemless glasses when I first moved on my own and hated them. Ha! These are great because they’re lightweight and still big.
  5. TRYGG Glass bowl – mixing bowls, serving bowls, whatever you need bowls. I use these typically for parties. Don’t hide the chips, make them cute.
  6. IKEA 365+ rounded side bowl – I only use white dishware. Periodt.Give Your Kitchen A Chic Update in 2020!
  7. IKEA 365 + Glass Food container – Having leftovers in glass makes it so that I’m not guessing what’s in the fridge.
  8. INTRESSANT Pepper Mill – Freshly ground pepper must be on hand at all times, make it cute while it perches on the counter.
  9. BLANDA Blank steel bowl – I use these bowls for all my mixing, baking, cooking, etc. They stack easily and come in many sizes.
  10. IKEA 365+ Bamboo Lid – I truly just enjoy how these look in my fridge. Give everything some aesthetic. These look so much better than those red and blue topped things. Or old butter containers.
  11. KUNGSFORS Mesh Bag – I use these for produce at the grocery store. Better than using plastic bags for every visit. They also stretch and accommodate a lot.
  12. SMAATA Chopping Board – Another board I love because it’s pretty, but truthfully this could also be used as decoration if you wanted.

These items are some of my favs and help me create the feel of luxury in my home I’m always aiming to achieve. Too often people feel that quality and beauty are out of reach because of their budgets. The reality is you can get the desired look you’re going for at any cost – you’ve just got to be willing to look at the places you’ve ignored.

I’d like to also shout out my favorite shelves that I didn’t include here but are a must have if you need storage and like the look of a professional kitchen.

Give That Kitchen From Love in 2020!

Photography: Anna Linduska Photography

Are you working on getting your space right this year? Let this list get you started! Share pics with me on IG, follow me @hautemommie. I can’t wait to see.

be well,


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  2. jackie pittman says:

    I love the chrome pantry shelves. My pantry is so small and it’s hard finding anything in it. I was so excited to see this solution! Where can I find the chrome shelves? Are they also from Ikea?
    Thanks for sharing this great information.

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