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Every year come Memorial Day my family and I are in full “summer has arrived” mode. We enjoy it all; the BBQs, days spent lounging outdoors, getting creative and the like. But, as much as I look forward to our soirees and playtime, this year I knew our yard could use a bit of updating and transformation. My goal was to create a backyard that would inspire; inspire my writing, my girl’s imagination, and loads of fun. Jump in to see how I made it happen.

Creating A Backyard Meant To Inspire

I have been looking forward to giving our yard some attention because it’s been a tad lackluster lately. My goal was to make a space that would be not only fun for my girls to play in but also a place where I would be inspired to write and create. Some attention to my plants and grass was necessary; because the sparce grass and flowers were a downer. After a few touchups, some love, and a lot of cleaning it’s become the yard I’ve been longing for.

Creating A Backyard Meant To Inspire

Typically I’d arm myself with a bucket of soapy water and a washcloth to get after all the dust and dirt that piled up through winter and spring. This time though, Clorox sent over some of their convenient disinfectant wipes to help me get the job done. I’ll be honest it never occurred to me to buy these wipes because I was so used to cleaning with my trusty washcloth, but they certainly made the job easier. Using them made cleaning my outdoor furniture a breeze, especially those that have been attacked by dirt and grime after not being used during the cooler months.

Creating A Backyard Meant To InspireCreating A Backyard Meant To Inspire

Growing up living in apartments meant I never had my own yard to play in. It didn’t keep me from exploring outside and playing until the street lights came on, but I did often dream and wish for a space that was all mine. Knowing that I’ve accomplished one of my goals to have a place like for that my children means a lot to me. It also is important to me for them to take pride in our home. Studies have shown a person’s level of empathy is positively associated with living in a clean home and even more so if they are responsible for some aspect of the cleaning. Which is why I made sure the girls helped with giving our yard some love.

Creating A Backyard Meant To InspireCreating A Backyard Meant To Inspire

By showing them how wonderful it is to have their own clean space and how good it feels, I’ve even noticed my eldest wanting to venture outside more, dining al fresco and taking her books outside to read. That truly is the power of clean in action. I’m looking forward to a summer filled with cookouts, laughter, and maybe even finishing my novel? We’ll see!

Creating A Backyard Meant To Inspire
photos: Anna Linduska Photography
Do you have a space in your home that inspires you? What would your ideal space look like? I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. The Fashion Sherlock says:

    Your yard looks absolutely amazing. My husband swears by wipes. We usually use the Lysol brand , but will have to check out Clorox.

    The Fashion Sherlock

  2. Hadassah says:

    Cleaniness is next to godliness right? I love Clorox wipes!

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