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HAUTE Spot – A Day At Disney

Okay, I’m saying it now so all can hear – I love Disneyland. LOVE. And with Lil D turning 8 it gave us a reason to get our magical fix! She and I have actually been petitioning for annual passes for the past year with the Husband but have since let our campaign rest, lol. Nonetheless it was a fun filled day at the happiest place on Earth. It brings me so much joy to be able to shower her with amazing gifts because she is such an extraordinary kid.

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There’s a saying that alludes to always wanting better for your kids than you had and it resonates so much with me. Growing up there were many things my mom couldn’t afford to do for my sister and I as a single parent but I’m blessed to be in a position to give my girls the world.

As long as they are holding up their end of the bargain; anything I’ve got – is theirs.

This year we went all out for D’s birthday – a party, Disneyland, a boatload of gifts; at first I thought we were doing way too much but a conversation with my mother let me know that I wasn’t being outlandish. She reminded me that D is beyond well behaved, she’s excelling in school and she has really stepped up to the plate as a big sister. Essentially, relax girl, she deserves it. I know as a parent I worry about spoiling my children and giving them so much that they don’t appreciate it. But I have to remember that balance is key. Like the sweatshirt I wore for the day reads, “Abandon The Plan,” sometimes we have to let go of our worries and our set in stone rules in order to let life flow. If your babies are giving 100% at everything they do then it is okay to reward them.

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Who knew a day a Disneyland would turn into something so introspective. Dammnnn Mickey, back at it again! Anywho, even at my age there is nothing that can compare to a day at Disney. It’s awesome now to be able to share the joy it brings me with my daughter as well. Let’s be honest, I love the churros more than anything but do you blame me? If you and your family are heading to the Magic Kingdom soon be sure to check out the new Space Mountain, watch the Jungle Book live action movie sneak peek at California Adventure, and grab said churro – it’ll be amazing!

Shout out the Disneyland still making the kid in me smile from ear to ear!

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