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Another day, another museum, the LACMA to be specific. If you haven’t noticed by now going to the museum is my tribe’s jam. We love to take in some art, peruse a cool exhibit and spend our days soaking up some culture. We’re lucky that Lil D is totally down for this and actually tends to suggest these outings on her own. You know how you always hear about great artists, musicians, and the like talk about their childhoods influenced their career paths? I often wonder what these weekend trips will mean for D?

[Tweet “Are we creating a little artsy genius? Will she look back and it that molded & shaped her?”]

Are we creating a little artsy genius? Will she look back and say it was these weekends that molded and shaped her? Or will she just remember them as times we spend looking at old paintings and nude sculptures while she may have wanted to be at the park? I can’t say, but I’ll take the times she requests to go while I can.


We started our visit with Metropolis II, a cool exhibit featuring various world landmarks in major Metropolitans that turns into fully functioning highways and byways periodically throughout the day. Luckily we were around when it was active otherwise we may have missed it being turned on AGAIN. Lil D loves to see this in action.


Unfortunately for us the Rain Room was closed for conservation, you know whole California drought thing. Can’t be wasting water for art. We need it to drink and bathe. I get it – but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed especially since I’ve been trying to make it to the exhibit for quite sometime. Nonetheless the LACMA as usual had great things to offer on a Sunday afternoon.


Lucky for us Clarke stayed calm most of the time and even napped for while as we walked around. Here’s hoping the museum will become her thing too. I will say I need to explore more of the LACMA outside of the Ahmanson Building; next visit we’re going to venture over the the Hammer and Japanese Art buildings too. After spending much of our day inside we headed outside to chill before we left for the evening.



It was a fun day and perfect for a chill family Sunday. Don’t hesitate to visit your local museums especially with your kids – even if they aren’t designated children’s museums you never know how fondly they’ll remember the excursions as they get older. And what better do to spend a day than adding a little more beauty it?

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