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When building a wardrobe it can be daunting to know where to begin. Do you follow the Pinterest infographic that highlights the ten pieces all French girls have? Or should you be a minimalist who owns one pair of black cigarette pants and a white t-shirt? For me it has been a series of discoveries that led to figuring out what worked best. By reading magazines, style books, and trying out a few trends that weren’t for me; I realized my strong suit is keeping it neutral. If you were like me and needed some advice on how to get started keep reading and I’ll get you on the right track!
Hautemommie shows how keeping it neutral can help you discover your style!Blogger Hautemommie discusses how keeping it neutral helped her find style.

While some people fear white jeans or white pieces in general I can assure you having a some in your closet is smart. White is a color that we all know goes with everything and it’s a hue that can be classic, bohemian, or even funky. Maybe this is why actress Lisa-Raye is always wearing it? I don’t encourage you to take it that far but I will say that investing in a pair of white jeans, having a well tailored white blouse, and a go to white tee is the perfect place to start building.

Need some tips on discovering style? Hautemommie shares her secrets!Secrets to style from Hautemommie The essential piece to discovering your style!

Outfit details: Jeans – c/o STS Blue // Pink Striped shell tank (old) – ASOS // Trench duster – RO&DE // Sandals – Steve Madden // Purse – Vintage Chanel // Necklace – Zara // Glasses – Le Specs

As noted in a recent post, wearing a duster can be the cherry on top of an outfit. It’s an item that will wrap up your fashion sundae and since a trench is something you should own, what better way to hit two birds with one stone than by combining them? I like this particular version because I can layer it with sweaters for colder temps and rock it solo on warmer days. It also adds a level of polish to my outfits with so much ease. Be sure to check out the options I’ve linked below to scoop up one of your own!

Keeping your staples neutral and adding flair to your wardrobe through accessories provides more options than having a variety of pieces that don’t go together. A nude sandal is certainly an item you want to keep on hand because you will find yourself running to it on a myriad of occasions. Not to mention slipping on your sandal with a pair of shorts and that white button down we spoke about? A sure fire hit; sexy and sleek in a snap.

I’ve definitely become more adventurous with color over the years but even with my newfound appreciation I haven’t turned my back on the neutrals. I will always lean toward the khakis, grays, and blacks on the rack before the blues and yellows. But I do understand that there is a time and place for red too. As you start to figure out what you want your clothes to say about you you’ll find which shades are your neutrals. Remember it can leopard, stripes, or even pink, it’s all about how you wear it. What matters most – is that it’s chic.

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What are your biggest hurdles to discovering style? I’d love to see if I can help!


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  1. Kay says:

    I would say my biggest hurdle to discovering my style is being fully comfy with my body. I’m literally the girl who buys a shirt one size up because I don’t a roll showing which sometimes makes me look bigger than I am. I’m also terribly cheap and don’t want to spend money on a lot of stuff. I just pulled out my spring clothes and I’m side-eyeing myself for some of the things still in my closet which just don’t flatter me well. I wanna learn how to create an effortless style that reflects my simple and natural style without breaking the bank

    • Hey Kay! I hear you, I think so many women do the same thing. In this instance rather than opting for a size larger you should choose different shapes that will conceal AND flatter. Also, remember investing in your wardrobe is ultimately investing in you. Check out tomorrow’s post I’ll be sharing some picks from Shopbop all under $150 and they’re on sale! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Brandi says:

    Love the shoes and bag! I can definitely appreciate a nice pair of white jeans!

  3. DShaunte says:

    Yes, the neutrals are definitely sure things for wardrobe! I dread wearing white because I always spill something, but I love wearing it because it’s classic.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I absolutely love wearing white and I love how you rocked it here! :).

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