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It’s not uncommon for people to question whether or not they belong. It happens when we get promoted, we wonder if we can really adequately fulfill the duties of the job. If we’re asked to speak on a panel we compare ourselves to the other panelists. I’ve questioned my own value or worth so often as a full time creative and I’m tasking myself this year to stop. Stop seeing myself as not being accomplished or being comfortable with my own greatness. But it’s time for a change and if you’re like me, you need a little nudge.

Hautemommie wears Daisy Natives "So Damn Magical" tee

When I first saw this t-shirt on the @DaisyNatives IG account it spoke to me. That may be a lot to put on tee but I’m being open here, roll with it. With the tumultuous political environment, today’s “Day Without Women” protest, and the fact women are still consistently undervalued; it’s hard to feel the magic that lies within us. There are moments when we need to be reminded of who and what we are. And there are times when a t-shirt is the right one for the job. Worn with this skirt that reminds me of unicorns just seemed like the perfect pairing.

Leslie Antonoff wears Daisy Natives in Long Beach on The Hautemommie Hautemommie wears ASOS iridescent skirt and Abercrombie denim jacket

Last year I had the privilege of being a guest on the Talk Thirty to Me podcast (here, here, and here) a show all about the joys, pains, and realizations during your thirties. As the host read off my bio I thought to myself – “WOW, I have done quite a few things.” It was as though a lightbulb had gone off. I’ve always been hard on myself, been my biggest critic, but in that moment I had to take a second to bask in my own glory. The truth is my life has been a winding road but through all the tribulations I’ve refused to buckle. That is something to be proud of not afraid of. I can be pleased with what I’ve accomplished without being boastful because I understand that those triumphs are what has led me to where I am.

Daisy Natives "So Magical Tee" on Hautemommie Lifestyle blogger Hautemommie wears ASOS, Daisy Natives, and Steve Madden Hautemommie poses in Long Beach

This may sound like a call to be full of yourself but in fact it is quite the opposite. It’s about giving yourself the freedom to value your triumphs. To accept that you deserve to be where you have worked to be. Stop doubting your place in the room because you don’t look how you think the occupants should. One of the first steps to becoming comfortable with your greatness is celebrating your wins. In the words of comedienne, Retta, who played Donna on my beloved Parks & Recreation, “Treat Yo’Self.” When you get that byline you’ve been vying for, pop the champagne. If you get asked to speak at your old school, honey take that selfie and be proud. Never dim your light because you think it’s too bright. Own who you are.

Natural hair worn on style influencer, Leslie Antonoff known as Hautemommie

PIN THIS!! Learn How To Become Comfortable With Your Greatness! Detailed shoe shot, Steve Madden velvet pump

Each week in my Happy Planner I write three affirmations to encourage myself. They range from “keep creating” to “live fearlessly” and “be extraordinary” – no matter the phrase the sentiment is always the same, for me to relish in being me. To keep walking in the purpose that has been set before me. I cannot be afraid to be powerful or magical because if I am, I will be depriving myself of the success I strive for. Not only that, I will be depriving the world of what God has called me to do. It is and always will be my goal to use my platform to encourage, inspire, and let people know that God is real. I can’t do that if I cannot showcase how He has worked in my life. I’m learning to walk in what He has made possible for me.

So Damn Magical tee on Hautemommie by Daisy NativesSkirt by ASOS, worn by Hautemommie

Turn your back on doubt. Throw on this t-shirt and walk around knowing you are so damn magical and there’s nothing anyone can do about it!
photos: RSee


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