How To Rock Socks With Heels

Hiya guys! I’m back with a style insider tip for you today. If you were born in the 80’s this look isn’t brand new to you but merely a nostalgic throwback to that era. As we all know trends are cyclical and come back around again and again. I’ve been aboard this trend for a while now. Rocking my socks high enough to be seen in tennis shoes and now my ever loved stilettos and pumps. Jump in for more on how to rock out with your socks out!

HAUTEMOMMIE-WEARS-HM-KENZO-SOCKS-WITH-MARC-FISHER-BOOTS STREET-STYLE-PINTEREST-SOCKS-WITH-HEELSI’m certain the socks with heels trend likely began because some stylish sister couldn’t bear to wait until spring to march outside with her cute pumps. And can you blame her?! After months of closed toes boots, no matter how cute, one needs to set their feet free. But they also need to do so without the fear of losing toes to the chill. I’m going to share with you a few rules to make sure you nail this look before you step out.STREET-STYLE-EDITOR-SEEN-IN-SOCKS-WITH-HEELS SHREDDED-DENIM-WORN-WITH-FISHNET-SOCKS

Wear Stylish Socks:

Rule number 1 is obviously wear a pair of socks that are worth being seen. If you’re thinking of whipping out that holy pair you borrowed from your brother, think again. Instead opt for something that hits the top of your ankle and fits snug like a trouser sock. This is not the moment to don the socks for the gym. As you can see in the photos above these ladies opted for pairs with flair. But each followed this rule to a T.


A simple rule of thumb, all socks are not created equal. Remember wearing a pair of wool socks may not be the best for a pair of strappy sandals. In this moment go for the fishnet option or even a dainty glittered pair. Save your thicker socks for pumps or more closed in shoe varieties.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with color:

That said, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors here. You know wearing a striped sock with a floral dress isn’t out of the question, in fact it’s encouraged. Make the sock a highlight of the look. People are already going to be intrigued by it, may as well inspire them as well.


images via pinterest or captured by RSee Photography
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