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With September in full swing it’s truly time to start thinking about Fall fashion in all its glory. I could throw on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” right now. Honestly, Fall is my favorite season because I can finally get dressed in layers, boots, and hats. I’m giddy! While I do love my Gucci and Prada, there’s another brand that continuously makes great bags and accessories for an even more affordable cost. Jump into this post to see my picks from Henri Bendel for fall.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything

A few months ago I decided to treat myself to a new bag, something that was classic and it took me a while to make a decision. I mulled it over and finally decided on a Henri Bendel Riverton Convertible tote bag – and I love it. It’s super similar to a Celine luggage without being as intrusive on the wallet. I also love that the front pouch can zip off to become a crossbody. Two in one! So now with Fall I need to bring some new life to my collection and I’m heading back to HB to get my fix.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything

My first two choices are the Riverton Military patch tote, primarily because red is going to be a huge color this season and I originally wanted this bag in red. Now that it’s here I may have to pull the trigger. I’m also still loving appliques and the military touch is super cute to me. I would likely opt for a smaller size this time around since the Riverton can be large.

The West 57th Mini Trunk is another prime choice for me because if I’m being honest with you — I don’t own a proper clutch. I know, terrible. Do you know how many times I’ve had to fake it or opt for a small crossbody to some formal affair, I won’t even share because I’m ashamed. This little trunk from HB is so cute and I love the hardware. Also, not getting it in black will being an unexpected element to my outfits that I always like to have.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything

Mini bags are still a thing and I still love them. Anything miniature is always good in my book. This Marquis Micro tote just a lesson in carrying necessities only. Which as person who carries four pouches in one bag sometimes I need to lighten my load. Large enough for a phone, a couple cards, and some chapstick – I’m good for the day.

I always wanted a hatbox and clearly rocking a headpiece is not all the rage anymore but who can resist a tiny version in sparkly gold?! Not. Me. Henri Bendel offers the Mini Hatbox Crackle crossbody in gold and it’s perfect for all the parties during the holiday season. Fitting your needs plus some mints, you’ll be set for an evening out on the town.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything

That red bag I mentioned wanting earlier? I still haven’t gotten one and if I decide not to hit repeat on the Riverton, this Carlyle Micro satchel is the next best thing. Tiny and pretty it will give me the pop I’m looking for on the weekend and pair perfectly with all my plaids that are sure to make their debut in the next few months.

Finally, though not a bag I wanted to also include an item from Henri’s accessory line which includes sunglasses, hats, and scarves. I love this little Cortland Baker cap because it could take an average outfit to new heights with ease. I love to add a hat to my looks and usually reach for a fedora or a baseball cap, I think this would be better to shake it up.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything

I’m positive you can find something you love at Henri Bendel, it’s a treasure trove of gorgeous pieces. Let me know what you like best!



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  1. Shakita says:

    The Marquis Micro Tote is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!! Super cute.

  2. You know, I always walk right past this store without paying it any mind. After seeing those beauties I might rethink my actions next time.

  3. Ashley says:

    That cross body is so cute! Love the staple

  4. Jnote says:

    You dress really nice to start. I love the mini truck and the bakers hat the most. So cute.

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