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Sweatpants get a bad wrap, which is likely why we’ve taken to giving them a more European name these days. Joggers sounds much more chic then sweatpants. I must admit even I am more likely to don a pair of joggers than sweatpants. As one whose wardrobe largely consisted of basketball shorts and sweatpants for year I am pretty familiar with the comfort they provide and why everyone is drawn to them. In an effort not to force anyone to part with their comfy pants, here are some ways you can jazz those joggers up!

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog.

I wasn’t always a fashionista. Far from it in fact. I spent a lot of years in a variety of Nike basketball shorts and a great performing pair of surf sandals. Also a lot of sweatpants, because they were one part utility for me and another part comfortable so I figured why not. Though now I have exponentially upped my style factor I must say I am still partial to a good pair of joggers. The key to rocking your sweats and not looking like you’re on the way to your shift on the couch is fit and accessories.

You don’t have to say no entirely to your favorite casual look.

The first thing you must be mindful of when donning your joggers outside the house is the fit. Opt for a pair that’s more snug and wears like a pair of your best fitting jeans. If you prefer skinny denim buying some sweats that mimic that style will help you keep in line with your look. Wide leg more your thing? Check out this post for 8 options that can would be perfect for you. The point the sweats you lounge in should not also be the pair you reach for when you’re going for a pared down look. The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog. The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog.

As you can see I leaned into a sporty version for my joggers here but don’t be afraid to go full glam. These days it’s not taboo to don your sweatpants with your most expensive pair of heels. I’m so glad it’s become an okay go to. I recall years ago spotting a girl in a full sweatsuit, a headdress, and heels while out at Tyson’s Corner and I was like, yes girl! Comfortable doesn’t have to mean casual. Pair your pants with stilettos give them some height, walk with a little more umph, and you’ll certainly feel less blah.

The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog. The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog.

Layer your sweats with a vest, a leather jacket, or even a trench coat. By adding some layers it’ll give some flair to an outfit that could otherwise be seen as dowdy.

outfit details: joggersUniqlo // puffer vest – Sam Edelman // turtleneck – j. crew // sneakers – Alexander McQueen // purse – gucci // sunnies – Prada The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog.The Hautemommie: A Long Beach based lifestyle blog.
Photography: RSee
For the rest of winter, especially as that polar vortex hits don’t be afraid to leave the house in your sweats friends – just make sure you keep it jazzy!


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