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February has come and gone and with March midway through I thought this would be a perfect time to share some favorites with you. This month I got into some new beauty goods and a great book. Plus a shaving system borrowed from the boys! Let’s jump right in.Hautemommie shares her February favs!

Read of the Month:

After reading Sophia Amoruso’s “girlboss” and following her story pretty closely I’ve become intrigued to see what she does next. Her latest book “Nasty Galaxy” was on sale at Barnes & Noble for 50% so I scooped up the pink beauty happily. Chock full of advice, beautiful pictures, and stories Nasty Galaxy is part discovery and part gorgeous. It’s labeled as a coffee table book because you aren’t likely to sit down and read through in one sitting. Yet you will keep coming back to it because there’s always a good gem to find. Snag yourself a copy, you’ll love it. February favorites from Hautemommie Nasty Galaxy is among Hautemommie's February Favs

Hair Goods:

After spotting Kristin Ess’s new line in Target, I came home with one bottle of the cleansing conditioner and returned three days later to buy the rest of the products. That’s how great it was. As natural hair maven I rarely use shampoo on my hair and go through bottles of conditioner quickly. Kristin’s co-wash is thick, has great slip, and an essence that lasts all day. I will say I do wish the bottle was more firm only because once you reach the end it’s difficult to get those last few squeezes out. I tried the curl defining creme on mine and my oldest daughter’s hair. Both of us have curly textures mine is a lot thicker than hers and the creme did work fairly well for me. For her, not so much. It is a product that I’d recommend to use as the leave-in option if you use the L.O.C. method but not solely on its own.

Lip masks, shaving systems, and hair goodies are in this month's Hautemommie favs!

Skin Care:

Next, I was given the opportunity to try out the Harry’s Shaving system, learn all about it here. The system was initially designed for men but I found it to be exactly what I needed for a smooth shave. My legs haven’t felt this silky in a while. I think the magic of Harry’s is that it’s high quality blades aren’t compromised by it’s affordable price. Usually most shaving options for women are all about the color and the shape of the razor rather than about the shave. This system proved what I always thought was true – stealing from the boys works out from time to time!
Check out Hautemommie's February Favorites!


K-beauty or Korean beauty has long been known for excellence. For months now I’ve been seeing these lip masks pop up all over social media and I had to try one for myself. I don’t need collagen infused into my lips but I have been dealing with some dryness since chapsticks are a hoax. These masks provide a lusciousness to my kisser that I love. I scored these from Urban Outfitters, where they come 5 to a pack.

If you’ve tried anything new, share with me! I love to hear about new products you love.


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  1. Love this for I am obsessed with all things beauty, fashion, and book related. Great reviews look forward to more!!! 💛✨🌻✨💛

  2. Talisa says:

    Lol @ chapsticks are a hoax. I’m gonna give those lip masks a try! Korean beauty is definitely blowing up lately. Can you imagine taking a trip there one day?! *HEAVEN* LOL

    • Yes Talisa, chapstick is out here playing me for a fool! Hahaha, but I have been saved. Check out the mask and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Courtenay says:

    Hello. Great post! I was wondering if the hair product you mentioned would work well on low porosity hair? My texture is pretty curly as well, but not very thick. I just shaved my head, but am trying to start a healthy hair care regimen from early on so that when (or if) I decide to grow my hair back out it is at its healthiest.

    • Hi Courtenay! Thanks for stopping by. Re: Kirstin Ess products, I believe the cleansing conditioner would work great for you especially since you’re working on nurturing your hair from the beginning. My daughter has the same texture hair you describes and it worked well for her. Let me know how it goes!


  4. Joanna says:

    I have yet to read Girl Boss. I’m going to check out the other book too.

  5. Lesly says:

    I lovee k beauty stuff .. its my guilty pleasure , the more weird the product, the more i want to try it out 😡

  6. Fancie says:

    I loved Girl Boss so you’ve got me curious to check out her new book. Especially with it being on sale lol! Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Doris says:

    I loved this review and definitely considering looking for the GirlBoss and the Nasty Galaxy since a girl is looking for a new good read. I am not sure if I could do a coffee shop read but do you think it could be a good metro to work alternative? lol

    On the case of your lips…HONEY I have two recommendations for you because I used to look crazy in these streets too!! lol Try out Kiehl LIP BALM #1 talking THEBOMB.COM and then go over to LUSH and grab a lip scrub (which you could SOO easily make at home) but I am too lazy and they are almost always on sale here. I hope you love it just as much as I do!! Let me know what you think sweetie.


    • Hey Doris! Thanks for stopping by! Girlboss is a great quick read while Nasty Galaxy is more a coffee table book, meaning it’s not a novel but beautiful to flip through. Yes to Kiehl’s I love most of their products though I’ve now found a lip balm that works – try BITE makeup’s Agave lip balm. You’ll love it!


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