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Today I want to share a few of my favorites that I’ve currently been using for Baby C. From food to diapers to baby wash and more!

Babyganics, Happy Baby, and Kiehl's! |

After being solely breastfed, (which I highly recommend and encourage) once it was time to introduce C to solids I wanted to be sure that whatever I gave her was going to be as pure as possible. Enter in Happy Family and Plum Organics!

Happy Family and Plum Organics do such a great job of providing a variety of food choices to introduce to your little ones. Unique blends of vegetables and fruits that help them develop a love for natural foods rather than those full of sugar and chemicals. And can we just discuss the ease of everything being in a pouch?! Who thought of this – genius I tell ya, genius!

I’ve got Baby C covered on good stuff for the inside, but I’ve also been dedicated to finding great products to ensure her outside is just as taken care of. I know many mothers and even those who aren’t, have a love for Johnson’s or Baby Magic skincare line. But the truth is, it ranks high in the scent department but not so great in the moisturizing one. I found that these lotions and soaps dry Clarke’s skin out way too much and I’ve since opted for a mixture of Kiehl’s BABY line and Babyganics for bath time.

July Favorites include Kiehl's and Babyganics!

I use a variety of Kiehl’s products for myself and I have been pretty satisfied, then I discovered the BABY line I was excited to give it a go. The moisturizing skin cream gives Baby C all the moisture she needs for her prone to dry skin without being greasy. I use it daily and always after a bath to keep her skin supple.

I started using Babyganics after a ton of other products failed me. Far too many left her hair brittle, skin dying of thirst, or they smelled gross. After falling in love with the Babyganics diapers, I tried out the skincare line and I haven’t looked back. This brand gets IT. Finally a body wash that can actually handle hair and skin in one.

Speaking of diapers, it’s inevitable that dirty diapers will come and you won’t always be near a dumpster or the diaper pail, which is why these Munchkin diaper waste bags are a MAJOR KEY! They come in a nifty bag dispenser that attaches to your diaper bag, keychain, belt, fanny pack…whatever you’re carrying. You’re covered. When you’re riding in the car back from a day out and there’s no trash in sight, you’ll be glad I put you on to these.

Baby Favorites EDITED 3

Finally, never leave home without a blanket. I’m still trying to teach the Husband this rule, but at least I’m always prepared with an Aden + Anais muslin blanket. These beautiful, large, breathable swaddling cloths may start out as receiving blankets but they’ll come in handy for months. I love the prints but more importantly I love that they can stand in as a nursing cover, a wrap, and they keep the baby warm. They’re large in size but still don’t take up too much room in my diaper bag. It’s a win win, for real.

I hope my list introduces you to something you may not have tried yet, let me know some of your favs & if you try something out in the comments!

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