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Feminism and #FearlessPeriods

We’re all feminists according to Dior and let the ladies clad in pussy cat hats tell it, we’re all fighting for the same cause. That cause should be something that includes all women, right? The fight should be one that ensures all women are cared for. In full transparency, I struggle with feminism and what it represents because I don’t think its basic tenets include inclusivity. In fact there are large portions of women who are left out, but I’ve partnered with a company who seeks to fix that because every woman deserves a #fearlessperiod.

Cora women is a brand focused on providing #fearlessperiods for ALL women, Hautemommie agrees.Hautemommie gives away a set of Cora woman all-organic tampons, see more on the blog! Know what's in your tampons and give back! Hautemommie talks all about feminism, more on the blog.Lifestyle blogger Hautemommie tries out Cora women, check the blog for more details.

Cora Women was co-founded by Molly Hayward after traveling abroad where she discovered that girls were missing countless days of school because of the lack of supplies available to them during their cycles. That is not what feminism is about. These are the causes that should also matter among women. Because all women deserve to have comfortable, affordable, periods – it’s our right. In our society the word “period” and menstrual cycle causes such an uproar yet it’s an integral part of womanhood. The fear, ignorance, and shame surrounding periods should cease and Cora is doing the work to ensure all women have access to the necessities they need to get them through the month, fearlessly.

Pretty packaging from Cora woman plus a social cause Hautemommie can get behind. The necessities for a style maven Cora woman, leopard bags, and Milani bronze lipstick.

How Cora Works:

Cora is a subscription service that provides supplies needed for 3 months worth of cycles. With each month purchased by you, a woman in a developing country also gets the supplies she needs. This is amazing. Because if we’re being honest – we all forget to re-up. You’ve been there, out and about when suddenly, though you know it’s coming, you’re a mess and you’ve got nothing on you. Cora makes sure you’re always prepared with a handy carrying box that’s beautiful and discreet. I’d also like to give a huge thank you to the design team who made the packaging suitable for a grown up. Because seriously, what’s with all the neon on tampons? Black is where it’s at.

You won't want to hide your tampons anymore, Cora woman has stepped tampons game up! More on the blog.

Subscribe Now:

When you subscribe to Cora know that you’re getting a fully customizable box with organic cotton tampons housed in BPA-free plastic applicators. No more unknown chemicals going where they shouldn’t. Your supplies will arrive every 3-months packaged in a sleek black box based on your selections and needs. Plus, when you sign up you’ll receive a signature kit that includes a leather carrying case and individually wrapped tampons to share in case you know a sister who got caught without. All this for as low as $9-$18 a month! Seriously – it’s a steal and genius.

Solange and Cora makes my to go bag complete.

I’m going to be giving away one signature kit + a 3 month supply of Cora tampons to one of you, because I’m not one to hoard a good thing! To enter the giveaway:

1. Subscribe to The Hautemommie 2. Follow me on Instagram 3. Leave a comment here with your IG name so I know how to find you. 

There’s no reason periods should be associated with suffering any more – here’s to #fearlessperiods for all women! That’s real feminism.


** Thanks to Cora Woman for sponsoring this post & giveaway, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

**Giveaway Closed**

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  1. DShaunte says:

    This is really interesting. I like the fact that they are giving back to a community and helping other women. I would have never thought of a tampon subscription service.

  2. Nakiya Lee says:

    This sounds awesome! And perfect timing! We put so many different and harmful toxins into our bodies! smh.

  3. Brittany says:


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