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I own a variety of vests. A few fur, some denim, and the cargo number below. And though different in size, shape, and look; I love one thing about them all the most – that they can be paired with anything. Vests are the best multi-functional accessory. Worn for warmth, utility, or to add the essential third piece to a look, the motto here is: pair it with a vest. Trust me, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.
Zara Culottes + H&M Blouse + Zara Vest //
The Essential 3rd Piece: A Vest //
Sephora Matte Red Lip Stain // this outfit looked a little corporate and needed some punch. While a red lip certainly aids in that department, it wasn’t until I added the flair of this cargo vest that an element of chic that instantly showed up!
Zara Cargo Vest + Striped Culotte //
Fitbit Blaze + Zara Vest + Mango purse //
You may have also noticed lately that I’ve been wearing my FitBit with everything, literally now all I can think is – “What was life before I could count my steps?!” I’m rocking the Blaze model and usually score more stylish bands from Amazon. I will say I do wish the battery lasted a little longer, but otherwise I’m pretty pleased. Fit and fashionable, just how I like it.

Natural Hair + Red Lips = 100 //
Pair Everything With A Vest! //
Walking With Purpose //


photos: 7th Street Studio / Kaye

Do you own a vest? What’s your favorite kind, share with me!

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