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There are some outfits that instantly make you feel elsewhere. The flow of the dress, the fit of the pant, maybe even the accessories are taking you on a trip. This orange off-the-shoulder number did just that for me. I’ve been longing for a jaunt to north Africa, Morocco to be exact. And though I’ve planned for it to be my excursion for my 33rd birthday I’m already feeling the touch of desert chic. The blue walls certainly gave way to that, paired with the rich orange and my curls – I’d say I’m ready. Style Blogger: The Hautemommie - www.thehautemommie.comI find myself always looking at girls who have a variety of maxi dresses with envy. The ease of an outfit is something I long for, but I’ve yet to find a place where I can find that perfect dress in mass. Luckily Zara never lets me down. I scooped this dress up on a whim while in Atlanta, because the color jumped out to me. The jersey fabric is perfect for keeping cool in the heat and it can be glammed up for an evening on the town. And no, I still have yet to tire of my pearl obsession. Style Blogger: The Hautemommie - www.thehautemommie.comStyle Blogger: The Hautemommie - Style Blogger: The Hautemommie - www.thehautemommie.comSo many of you have been asking about or commented on my hair via Instagram. First, thank you. Secondly, the color and cut are all thanks to my talented beautician. I was feeling I bit weighed down by my hair and asked her to shape it up. Ladies don’t be afraid to take the shears to your crown – there are times when it’s required. Since getting my trim and shape up, my curls are less tangled and easier to comb. Also, if you have a good stylist they’ll know exactly how to give you the shape you’re longing for without sacrificing your length.

Style Blogger: The Hautemommie - www.thehautemommie.comStyle Blogger: The Hautemommie - www.thehautemommie.comStyle Blogger: The Hautemommie -

Wearing: Dress – Zara // choker – Bauble Bar // Sunnies – Rayban // Sandals – Zara // Purse – Zac by Zac Posen
Style Blogger: The Hautemommie - Style Blogger: The Hautemommie -

This dress is summer goals, now let me just find a few more and I’ll be set for the next 100 days. Maxi dresses, kimonos, and pearls. It’s this haute girl’s dream come true.

What’s your go to summer uniform? Share with me!



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  1. Nelly says:

    First and for most your hair looks gorgeous.
    I usually have a long dress that I tend to wear everywhere lmao. I adore how the one you are wearing looks on you. Guess its time to get me some Zara.

  2. Wunms says:

    I love it! You’re absolutely glowing in this orange, it really suits you

  3. Autum says:

    I agree this dress is summer goals! Your hair is goals and the location of these pics #goals

    Love your blog!!

  4. Christiana says:

    You look really beautiful.

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