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REVIEW: L’Oreal Ever Curl System

As a natural I know how intimidating it can be to find products that work on your hair and give results. Recently, thanks to Influenster, I was given the chance to check out L’oreal’s Ever Curl hair system and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Typically Black women can only purchase products meant for our hair textures at specialized beauty supply stores in heavily populated urban communities. Read: basically not the burbs. In numerous stores like Target, Walgreens, or CVS; hair care products designated for Black women are relegated to three dusty shelves in the entire store. And normally based on labels and experience we rarely venture to use the rest of aisle.

However L’Oreal Ever Curl proved to be a prize in a seven dollar bottle! It is a sulfate-free formula which is excellent for curly and kinky textures because it doesn’t zap all of the moisture and nutrients from the hair. While most shampoo contains lots of alcohol or drying agents, Ever Curl left my hair feeling clean but not squeaky or hard.

As a co-washer I typically only use shampoo once or twice monthly to remove product build up. My normal routine includes using a thick conditioner that will moisturize my strands and also make them easy to detangle while in the shower. Ever Curl conditioner really hit the mark. It heavily coated my hair and made it a quick, painless process to comb through. Plus the scent was amazing! I may or may not have been lathering my hair like a Herbal Essence commercial from the early 2000’s – judge me not.

I also like to try products on my girls to see if they can handle a variety of textures. While my hair is very thick, dense, and curly – my oldest daughter’s hair is fine, curly, and prone to dryness. I used the Ever Curl system on her hair for wash day and loved the results. She isn’t the biggest fan of having her hair washed but she didn’t seem to mind and also commented on the smell.

All in all I’m not a regular user of drugstore brands but I already went out a re-upped on my supply of conditioner so that should tell you something. They’ve got a fan in me!

What are some drugstore brands that have left you pleasantly surprised, let me know of something I should check out!

*Thanks to Influenster for the L’Oreal Ever Curl System – all thoughts, reviews, and opinions are my own.

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