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Humidity, stark temperatures, and balmy nights are the parts of summer that we love to hate. Largely because they can affect how our skin acts and open up a pandora's box of issues with makeup application. Thankfully I've been able to figure out a system for managing my skincare during the season. From double cleansing to facial wipes and ultra moisturizer, I've got all I need.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

Sunday Riley – Good Genes

I was in Atlanta when first tried Sunday Riley products, it was hot and humid and I needed some facial wipes to refresh my face. The Sephora associate gave me a load of samples before I left and said, "you're going to love these." She was absolutely right. Sunday Riley's Good Genes is one of the best moisturizers I've ever used. It's lightweight but provides a significant level of moisture found in something much heavier. Day after day my skin feels smooth and looks radiant. I will say it isn't cheap but for me, great skin is worth the investment.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

Sunday Riley – Luna

I've rained praises on facial oils before and when I discovered Luna it was no different. I bought a duo or Good Genes and Luna together, and honestly hauties, it is one of the best oils I've used yet. I'm a fan of Laura Mercier's nourishing rose oil and Luna definitely can stand up next to this. A blue retinol oil that encourages anti-aging, Luna is a layering piece that makes Good Genes work even better. I use Luna alone or in tandem with Good Genes and I'm never disappointed.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

Cleanse – Lauren Napier

A good wipe is hard to find. They're either not effective and don't remove anything or they instantly dry up once out of the package. Lauren Napier, a sister friend in my mind, has solved the issue with her CLEANSE wipes. I first heard of these via Myleik's instagram, then again on a beauty website, and finally on someone else's Instagram. Three time's the charm because I was on a plane when I bought a 50 pack to have waiting on me at home. Satisfying is what I'd call Napier's wipes. They leave your face feeling refreshed but they also do the job at hand. Clean. Get yours.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

Gentle Cleansing Milk – Dior

Without fail I wash my face every morning when I wake up. Not hitting it with water but actual washing with cleanser. I need to feel like I've removed all the sleep off of me in order to function. The key to this is not using a super harsh wash but rather something gentle. I've used Glossier's cleansing milk and Kate Somerville's goat milk, while both are definitely high on the list this Dior version has nailed it. It's soft yet powerful, excellence in a bottle.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

Detox Daily Cleanser – Kate Somerville

Perfect face wash. Done. No seriously Kate got it right with this one. I've been using this face wash for nearly a year and I haven't decided to switch yet. I've never dealt with any serious acne issues and I think that is largely because I am very dedicated to washing my face nightly. No matter how tired, how drunk, or how late it is. This mug is getting cleaned. Somerville's Detox Daily Cleanser is the best because it removes dirt and residue without stripping your skin. I am a super fan of Kate's line and definitely need to make a trip to her spa here in LA. Until though, this will stay in a staple in my medicine cabinet.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. lifestyle. done chicly.

These five products have been keeping my skin in order and I would hate for you all to miss out. Get yourself a piece of this goodness. Even if you invest in one thing make it your skin, the better you take of care it, the better you'll feel.

Good skin is in!



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  1. Courtenay says:

    I will have to look into these cleansing wipes. I haven’t bought any in a while, but mostly since I haven’t been wearing much makeup. I would rather spend more on wipes that will effectively remove gunk from my face than less and have to use 2-3 wipes to do the job (as I have in the past).

  2. Francesca says:

    I absolutely love the look of your site. When I am ready to splurge a little bit, I will check out all of these products. After reading this, I immediately wanted to wash my face. LOL

    • Thank you Francesca! Always glad to know that people are enjoying what The Hautemommie is doing. And I’m definitely supportive of a shopping spree! Haha =)


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