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Thank You Notes Are The Secret To Making A Lasting Impression

Being educated at Howard University taught me several things. It engrained within me a love for my people, an appreciation for the power of getting the right yes, and also the value of writing a handwritten thank you note. In a time where email is king, I’m a true believer that pen and paper are still queen. Many people rely on their Google calendar while if I don’t write dates and times down in my Happy Planner – it isn’t happening. That being said after most interactions I have with publicists, brand managers, or marketing folks I always like to send a handwritten note on cute stationary to give thanks. Let me tell you how this simple practice is the secret to making a lasting impression!

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. life. With An Element of Chic.Remember when writing letters was the only way to communicate? Okay, I don’t either because clearly I grew up in modern times, but as a writer I’ve always been drawn to jotting down my thoughts rather than expressing them aloud. Which is why when I’m passing the Dollar Spot in a Target or making a lap around Home Goods I almost always leave with a stack of notecards and envelopes. For a mere $1 or $2 you can get to places an email could never take you.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. life. With An Element of Chic.

Notes are tangible reminders –

When you send a handwritten note to someone it is likely to get displayed or at the very least placed in a box where they keep momentos. Why? Because people like to recall the kind things people have said to them. Typically when I receive a thank you card I pin it to my cork board as a reminder of an experience or moment I’ve shared with someone. If you go the extra mile and make sure the card or note is pretty it gives an even better chance of the recipient holding onto it. This ensures that when another opportunity arises you will be top of mind.

Personalized notecards are a sign that you value people’s time –

It’s easy to send an email. We’ve all been told to instantly send a follow up email after an interview, it’s now seen as best practice. But you know what’s even better? Having a prepared thank you card written up to drop in the mail after your interview is complete. By sending something handwritten you’re showing you appreciate someone taking time out of their day to help you, talk to you, or meet you. It shows that you are also willing to give of your time to do something gracious, which isn’t common these days. Check out this message below I received from a brand manager after we worked together on a sponsored post and she got my note in the mail. The Hautemommie - style. beauty. life. With An Element of Chic.

You can see this she was impressed and appreciative of me taking the time to send my note. Just like that I’ve moved myself into a space to work with the brand again with something super simple.

You’re doing something most people don’t –

There is no better way to make lasting impression on people than to go the extra mile. Going to college and getting internships I remember this was something that was always talked about. One of the best ways to go the extra mile is a thank you note. Most people are going to send a three lined email about how great it was to meet someone; been there, done that. Boring. Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t bills and crappy grocery store circulators. When your note shows up in its cute self-addressed envelope? Honey, you’ve hit the mile in stride. Trust me. Anyone can talk about why they should have a job or opportunity over someone else, be the one to show them.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. life. With An Element of Chic.

As a young girl I was always writing notes and asking my mom for pretty pens and notecards to keep on hand. I’m happy to say that the habit hasn’t waned and if anything it continues to be more and more useful to me now.

The Hautemommie - style. beauty. life. With An Element of Chic.

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten note? Let me challenge you to write one the next time you need to extend your thanks, I promise you’ll be glad you did!



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  1. Kay says:

    I love this! I love writing so writing thank you notes/random cards seemed like a given. I found a cute pack of stationary at Walmart for 10 dollars and bought a book of stamps and started sending random notes to people in my life. Sometimes it was for a holiday but other times out the blue, but as you mentioned, it’s something people don’t do anymore so it’s always a surprise. Yours is really cute! I think I may invest in one of the customized ones off Etsy when I run out of this current stack.

    • Hey Kay!
      It’s so awesome to surprise people with a love note, isn’t it? Yes, Etsy has great ones and so does a company called Rifle Paper. Super cute. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Addie says:

    I love buying cute thank you notes. I’m an artist so I personalize and one to each of my customers. It does go a long way!!

  3. Lyneisha says:

    Omg! Love you <3 you are a great personality. I loved Butter and Brown! But anyways one time for HBCU grads! Lol

    I loved the article. I've gotten interviews and great meetings just by sending Thank you Notes. If I am feeling digital I love to send Paperless Post because they are super handy when you are glued to your screen all day. I'm going to start writing more handwritten notes. Also, HAPPY PLANNERS are everything!

    • Awwww Lyneisha, you are too sweet! Thank you, I really appreciate that. You know Butter + BROWN is coming to television this Fall! You can catch an all new season on ASPIRE on October 3rd! And always big ups for HBCU grads. Thanks for your support!


  4. Jewel W. says:

    I was just thinking about what to give my coworkers as I leave a job and still wanted to let them know I appreciated them! This was right on time!

  5. Jewel W. says:

    I was just thinking about what to give my coworkers as I leave a job and still wanted to let them know I appreciated them! This was right on time! Great read!

  6. Really nice post. It reminds how I did when I was younger too. However, I do personalised graphics too. Not professional, but, I like personal things. It seems more appreciated, than I think it would be (being not professional :/). Anyway, take care. Hope to view more of your posts soon. 🙂

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