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As a kid I lived for the summer library reading program. Signing up to read as many books as I could over the break was the highlight of my vacations. Returning each week having read at least ten titles, getting my card stamped, and a new bookmark; I felt on top of the world. Suddenly I became an adult and like most people unfortunately, my time to read leisurely took a severe nose dive. Until recently. Thanks to this app I have returned to tearing through novels like lighting and I must say it feels good!

Becoming adult comes with a lot of good things. Namely wine and money, but within that is also discovering hacks that can make you feel like a kid again. One of the things I missed most about childhood was time to read. For me reading was where I found solace, joy, and experiences. Some folks feel like adulthood means graduating from story driven works of fiction to books that are focused on helping you gain insight on how to make life better. Sure, those books are good every once in a while, but there are only so many times I can read about going from good to great in a variety of ways.

Want to read more in the new year? The Libby can help make it happen!

I’m a sucker for a great novel…

So if you’re like me then you’re going to love this app. Libby allows you to utilize your local libraries database to borrow books to read on your phone or kindle. It is awesome and free. I shared with you all a while ago that buying a kindle took my reading to new heights. Libby has made that even more true. The convenience and ease  now makes it so I can have multiple books on me at all times. Now instead of reaching for my phone when I’m having solo lunches, waiting in between meetings, or during appointments I can whip out my Kindle.

Thanks to the Libby, formerly known as Overdrive, I have an arsenal of books at my disposal all the time. I’m able to put books on hold, check out up to twenty books at a time, and sample books. It allows me to read a few chapters before pulling the trigger on checking out and makes suggestions to me based on what’s new in the literary space as well. One of my other favorite features of Libby is that it has the capability to let you personalize the Libby logo. I love my little brown Libby girl face, there is nothing cooler than seeing that Brown face pop up. While something like that may seem small the world recognizing that Black girls love to read too feels good.


Here are a few of the books I’ve read using the app:

The Libby app doubled my reading and can change yours too!

Since downloading Libby I’ve been reading nearly two novels every other week and it’s like those summers in middle school all over again. Now I’m trying to collect library cards from all my friends who live around the country so I can have access to libraries all over, I need books! Hahaha, share your library card with me I promise I return on time. If you want to follow along with the books that I’m reading checkout my book review highlight on my Instagram!

While everyone is focused on new year’s resolution, this HAUTE girl is downing books with ease and it’s lit! Download Libby to your phone and start reading.

be well,

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