5 Of The Best Restaurants In LA For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, folks will be on the hunt for a romantic eatery to cozy up in with their boo. As a foodie who dines out often I stay at the ready to offer my suggestions on just about any cuisine. The first time my husband and I went out for Valentine’s Day we hit up a local Ethiopian spot and it was delicious. It was also when I realized, “hey I like this guy, I think I’ll keep him.” So because I’m generous and want all of you to have love but more importantly, great food, here’s a list of 5 of the best restaurants in LA for Valentine’s Day.

While Downtown LA is still a work in progress, the amount of tasty places to eat only continues to grow. From Top Chef winners to local chefs, folks are making a splash on the Los Angeles dining scene.


A small aesthetically pleasing restaurant on the edges of DTLA, in the heart of the art district lies Chef Mei Lin’s upscale Chinese delight. I’ve written about the outstanding menu here before and most recently we ventured back and it was repeat hit. This time we balled out having the tom yum chicharron with french onion dip & caviar and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. This space is perfect for a duo who wants to try something familiar with a twist. My favorites? The koshihikari congee and the prawn toasts. I would go back for those every week, holiday or not.

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day 5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day


Located in the Figueroa Hotel, Breva sits under ambient light that will make you fall for anyone. The elevated Spanish decor gives you some inkling of what Old Hollywood LA must have been like in another time. But along with the decor the food is something to rave about as well. Small bites like deviled eggs and larger steak entrees and the Ora salmon are my go to’s. Top the meal off with a glass of champagne with a splash of St. Germain and celebrate your love.

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day

Little Beast

A quaint space in the Eagle Rock area, Little Beast is where my love of paté was once again solidified. The chicken liver mousse seriously has been lurking in my dreams for three years. My husband and I have been together for nearly eight years so I can indulge in my love of rich foods with reckless abandon. For those of you who are in new situations or enjoying someone for the first time – you should enjoy too, but have gum and if lovin’ is on the horizon, maybe keep the meal light. HAHA! Among other delights the roasted mushroom risotto stands out as well. This is a seasonal menu, so things changes from time to time but they’re always delish. Definitely make a reservation here because it fills up quickly!

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day

Factory Kitchen

Italy has long been on my list of travel destinations. Especially since I missed out on studying there during college because of a lapse in responsibility, but that’s a story for another day. Basically what I’m saying is, if you’re like me and you love pasta and decadent food? Factory Kitchen is for you. With its open kitchen and fresh pasta, I’d say it’s close as you’re going to get to having a Nonna as you can without being Italian. I love the moody interior of FK but the food keeps me coming back. My favorite? The mandilli di seta, a fresh pesto pasta, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. And nothing says love like feeding your date a big fork full of sauce and pasta.

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day


I’m adventurous and luckily my husband is the same. Animal is made for you if you identify that way too. A fantastic nose to tail restaurant, Animal is the place where true foodies can try it all. The first time I ventured into this gem on Fairfax I had crispy pig ears, rabbit and the best damn tres leches cake I’ve had in my life. It’s all such excellent takes on pieces of animal that are usually left behind. Livers, sweetbreads, tongues are all on the menu. Any valuable partnership is about taking chances together so dinner at Animal is the perfect spot for seeing just how much of a food gangsta your person may be.

5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day 5 Of The Best Restaurants in LA For Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day also doesn’t have to just be about romantic love but Galentine’s Day is also the perfect excuse to gather with the loves of your life, your friends, and enjoy a great meal plus some tasty drinks to celebrate. If you happen to make a resi at one of these spots, let me know I’d love to hear what you ordered!

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