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My Favorite Things: A Holiday Gift Guide

I‘ve been going round and round with creating a gift guide, largely because I feel like bloggers do them every year and eh, I’m not impressed. They’re a lot of work and who knows if they are really valuable? However, rather than trying to pin down four to five guides with 7-10 items for your best friend or your husband, I figured I’d do you one better. I guide you to things to you for gifts that I love to buy. Keep reading for a list of great presents anyone you love, would want to have.

Based on my list you can see I’m all about comfort, monograms, and great skin. Which sounds like a winning combo to me. Keep reading for all the details on my favorite things in this year’s gift guide!

From top left to right: 

Vitamin C serum – I got a facial a few months ago at Burke Williams, a lovely day spa here in California. At the end, in my round up of suggested products was this H2v Triple C serum. I’ll be honest I definitely wasn’t going to buy it but my skin looked and felt great so I did. For the next few months simply using this nightly after I cleansed my face and added moisturizer I got a compliment every day on how great my face looked. I know THIS had something to do with it. Buy this for your mom or your sister, they’ll thank you.

Happy Planner – I am all about writing everything down. I’m the person that has 62 notebooks that all have at least four pages of important information in them somewhere around my house. The one thing that has stuck with me since my school going days is having a day planner. What I love about my Happy Planner is that it combines a day planner and a journal in one. There are sticker sheets and tons of accessories to make it cute but it’s also super functional. For a busy bee like me? I love it. Buy this for the person who is making moves and is a bit sentimental.

Kindle Paperwhite – My husband bought me this a year or so ago, and I read one book before I stuffed it in my nightstand. I was very apprehensive to start reading electronically. Then I realized I wasn’t cheating on books by having a Kindle. In fact the birth of my youngest daughter actually made me bring my Kindle out to read as a nursed. That’s when I realized – I HAD BEEN MISSING OUT. Now I use the Libby app to borrow books from the library and I’m back to reading a book a week thanks to the ease of my e-reader. Buy this for your favorite bookworm who may be reluctant to change.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones – Your girl travels quite a bit and aside from planes already being airborne fart canisters, they are also loud. Taking coast to coast flights has become increasingly more tolerable since I purchased these Bose noise cancelling headphones. I can enjoy my podcasts, my music, or plug them into the in flight entertainment system and be in my own world. Also, thumbs up for helping me cancel out the noise of my children from time to time when I need to work too. Snag these for the wanderer in your life. 

Lauren Napier Cleanse wipes – I’ve talked about the greatness of these facial wipes before here, and now months later I am still singing their praises. The truth is not all wipes are created equal. Remember I’m a woman who dotes on her skin like a new puppy, so I am very cautious and mindful of what I put on my mug. These wipes are also individually wrapped to there’s no opening the pack, pulling out one, and hoping the rest don’t dry before you get to them. They also can handle a lot of makeup. I’m talking TV makeup friend. Purchase these for someone who may forget to wash their face, save their life.

Hopefully you find a gift you love among my favorite things…


Fentimans Rose Lemonade – Indulgence is the name of the game here. Why have regular lemonade when you can have lemonade, that’s carbonated, and touched with the essence of roses? I mean honestly, is there any other way to live? I think not. This is my go to in lieu of soda or other sweet juices. It’s just not my thing, but when I want something with zing Fentimans is where it’s at. Also, it pairs fabulously with St. Germain and gin if you’re looking for a classy cocktail. Buy a pack for your friend who’s bougie. 

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser – Yes, again with the skin. Wash your face okay? It’s really important. But don’t just wash it with whatever soap you also use for your butt, that’s gross and ridiculous. Kate Somerville’s line of beauty products are staples in my cabinet, period. I’ve tried other things and I always come right back to Kate. This wash is excellent for everyday, keeps your face bright and doesn’t dry it out. Buy this for someone who wants to do right but doesn’t know where to begin. 

Alex and Ani charm bracelets – Over the years I have always had a thing for bangles and charms. So much so that when I used to teach Sunday School, one of the kids asked me, “why is your arm always so loud?” HA! Jokes on you kid, this is fashion! Seriously though, I went from simple sterling silver bangles, to a fully decked out Juicy bracelet, and now my arm is covered in Alex & Ani bracelets. Each with their own meaning, it’s a great personalized gift. Buy this for your best friends. 

Henri Bendel slipper socks – I have cold feet!! But I don’t always love wearing slippers, so my happy medium is obviously slippers that are socks. Sadly Henri Bendel is set to close is doors this January so I am trying to grab up all the merch before I can’t get anything with those classic brown and white stripes anymore. These comfy socks seem like a great fit, uhh and they’re cashmere. Be classy and warm. Buy these for someone in your office. 

CORA Subscription – I worked with CORA last year on a post after I sought out the company and was impressed by their mission. Dedicated to providing women with chemical free sanitary items, using a subscription service, AND providing girls in Africa & India supplies so they can still attend school while they are on their cycle. What’s not to love? Gift this to some young girls you know, it’s fun to get mail you need. 

Monogrammed Phone Case – Unless you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps are new here, you’ll know my love for monograms runs deep. I’m basically a Connecticut born, boarding school going, preppy girl underneath it all. If there’s an option to personalize something you can expect to see my initials on it. Which is why The Daily Edited is one of my favorite shops for chic, personalized items. And because I switch my phone cases like underwear they are bookmarked on my browser. Endless options to give these boring same same iPhones we all have, some personality. Buy this for the person in your life who needs no introduction. 

I had a good time rounding up things for this gift guide and I hope there is a pick in here that’s just what you were looking for. Thank you to each of you who have read my blog throughout the year and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Happy shopping!



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  1. Aaliyah says:

    Planners should definitely be on everyone’s list, I love them lol Gift guides are pretty time consuming to create in truth

  2. Kimberley says:

    I definitely love the planner the most! Nice list!

  3. This is a really great list of gift ideas. I’ve been looking for a new planner because Erin Condren was $70 and not worth the price. Also, would you recommend the cleanse wipes for someone who has eczema?

    • Hi Teasia!

      I cannot say specifically if I would recommend the wipes for someone with eczema, however if you take a look at there is a full description of the ingredients PLUS you can try the FLAUNT option which may work as well. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Timpani says:

    Great gift guide! I might pick up some of those facial wipes for myself. Love the fact that they’re individually wrapped

  5. Kim says:

    You have some great pick here! I have had my eye on Kate Somerville products for a min so I would def love to receive some for the holidays.

  6. donyell says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people say great things about the happy planner! I need to get myself one.

  7. Sydney says:

    This is such a great list I actually asked for a Happy Planner this year

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