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For years I’ve struggled with trying to find a deodorant that doesn’t cause me any grief. I’ve tried it all. A multitude of brands that promised to leave me dry and funk free, but I will tell you it wasn’t true. Some did okay, but most failed miserably. Since then I’ve just been dealing with what comes with having an aluminum allergy. The swollen underarms, sensitivity to touch, and the itchiness that won’t let up. Thankfully after a bit of research I came across a brand that promised to not leave me smelling like a teen boy’s gym bag and curb the sweat. And trust me this natural deodorant is a MEGA must have!

This Natural Deodorant That Is A Mega Must Have

Katie Sturino knew that women all over were suffering. In need of good products like deodorant, a powder for that ever present boob sweat, and something to stop the thigh chafe; she got to work. Blogger behind, The 12ish Style, Katie is all about giving her take on issues that plague women everywhere. Like not being able to find clothes that fit and are still stylish, which is the premise behind her blog. While she’s great at sharing style for  the plus sized woman, her entrepreneur skills popped out when she created the Megababe line.

Megababe is a beauty brand focused on providing a solution to problems a lot of us have faced. After polling my crew over on Instagram about their experiences with natural deodorants, I discovered that many of them were on the hunt as well! I love when I can come to the rescue for my online peeps. When Megababe got wind of my quest they ever so kindly sent over their Rosy Pits deodorant for me to try. And ladies, it is a winner!This Natural Deodorant That Is A Mega Must Have

While it isn’t on the cheap side of the deodorants you may be used to. It is worth all eighteen of the dollars it costs. I decided to give this natural option a try for a week before I came here to sing its praises. It has certainly lived up to the hype. A lightly scented, sheer stick that goes on smooth, Rosy Pits has been a superb addition to my beauty regimen. For the past seven days I’ve been itch free and my underarms even feel smoother. As a someone who is also eight weeks postpartum and at the risk of a little TMI, I’m sweating like a hog. That said I’m happy to report that this natural choice has kept me fresh.

Rosy Pits

This Natural Deodorant That Is A Mega Must Have

You may think in an effort to go natural and keep things clean in our medicine cabinets, you’re giving up some of the essential needs. Not so with Megababe. It’s long lasting formula keeping you odor free is crucial. Especially now that summer is settling in. Needless to say I think I’ve met my match when it comes to my armpit needs, and hopefully you will too.

You can find Megababe online at their shop, at your local Ulta or – let me know if you try it and how it works for you. I’m expecting MEGA good results!

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