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With the day of love just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day this year. It’s not one of those holidays I particularly love or hate, it sort of just passes me by. This year though I think I’d like to gussy up and hit the town with Husband. Be out and about with the rest of the love birds, twirling in red and sipping wine.

With hearts and shades of red and pink everywhere, I’ve been inspired to gather a few things I think would make great gifts for your gal pals, your significant other, and of course the kiddies this year. I may not be well versed in the rules of February 14th but I do know that a great gift on any day makes people happy. Not to mention it’s best to celebrate people while they are able to appreciate it.

Items not listed: HERE/NOW – Scarlett // Bow & Drape Custom Tee // Chaos Luggage Tag //

While I don’t think we should dedicate all of our love and affection to one day I do think it should be celebrated. As a kid my mother always got my sister and I valentine’s day gifts, I think I’ll do the same for my girls. And the idea of a staycation with the Husband sounds great too, perhaps a little Beverly Hilton? Whatever you do on February 14th do it in style and keep it chic, that’s what I plan to do.

Here’s to the roses you’ll receive!

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  1. Darianne says:

    I saw that rug at Target and almost picked it up. I think I still will pick it up. Lol.

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