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As January winds down and February whisks upon us, I’m starting to prepare for my upcoming birthday plans. I made a promise to myself when I turned 30 that I would take a trip every year during my thirties for my birthday. I want to see the world and what better time to do it? With my wanderlust spirit on high I think I’m going to take my talents to Mexico to ring in my magic year!

With an arsenal of picturesque hotels and to die for restaurants I’ve been eyeing this fashionista hotspot for nearly two years now. I’ve watched as Tulum went from being a go-to destination for high end clientele to a creative’s paradise. I’m looking forward to seeing the historical Mayan ruins, taking in a meal at Hartwood (if I’m lucky!), and enjoying some sunny days on the beach with my Kindle in hand. While I will actually staying in Playa Del Carmen; Tulum is only a mere hour away from this city. Not to mention Cozumel being a short ferry ride away as well. It’s a vacation chock full of places to see.

all pics via google & pinterest

Looking through tons of city guides has given me lots of style inspiration and made me super excited to check it out from my own perspective. Take a look at some of the items I’m thinking of bringing with me on the trip. As you remember I told you before how packing in a color scheme helps me reduce my overpacking, I’m opting for a blush tones and black. I hate pink growing up, so much I wouldn’t even let people by my first daughter pink things – my how things have changed! Clearly I was missing the memo and I’m making up for it now. Click through the collage below for details!

You guys I am super excited to be taking my first trip of the year, I plan to bring in 32 in style, in the sun, and with a tan!


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