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5 Drugstore Products I Always Have On Hand

I love beauty, obviously. Lipsticks are the cherry atop my makeup sundae and stack up rewards as Sephora like dollars in a savings account. My affinity for high quality beauty products like Kate Somerville, Dior, and Laura Mercier is real but I also love affordable products as well. Which is why no matter how wealthy I get, there will always be 5 drugstore products I have on hand. These are the products I turn to religiously to keep my skin soft, face glistening, and my pout pretty. If you’re like me and love excellence at a great price this is just the post for you! 

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything

As a young woman I think it is imperative to implement some sort of beauty routine early on in life. Learning good habits to maintain healthy skin and a clear face takes practice. Even before my days wearing makeup I never went to bed without washing my face and I’ve always slathered myself with lotion and oil as soon as I got out of the shower. Knowing at a tender age that I had to treat my skin well if I wanted it to flourish, I was mindful about what I put on it. I was fourteen doing face masks at the direction of Seventeen magazine and I loved it.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious.

Now at nearly 34 I find myself still dedicated to those practices and even using some of the products I used then, now. Here’s the scoop on my go to items that I’ve keep in rotation for nearly 20 years.

I routinely use baby oil after I get out of the shower. Typically I will mix the oil and my lotion of choice. My moisturizer varies depending on what I want to smell like, the current weather, and how my skin is feeling at the moment. It runs the gamut from ultra-moisturizing choices like Kiehl’s Creme de Creme to Oil of Olay’s age-defying option, but baby oil never changes. This has been substituted in the past for Neutrogena’s body oil but I always come back to Johnson’s. Baby oil gel was also high on the list, especially during my pregnancies which I believe aided in keeping some stretch marks at bay. Remember a little goes a long way and helps seal in moisture for the day.

You may be thinking are cotton rounds really a necessity? The answer is yes my friend. Sure cotton balls are great but they are really only good for removing nail polish and they stick to everything. I like to keep cotton rounds on hand because I use them to apply my toner, remove makeup when I’m using cleansing oils, and they’re great other medicinal uses as well. I would opt for the premium version from Target, I’ve found this to be the best at handling all my needs. The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything

My husband likes to joke that my mother and I think witch hazel is the cure for everything. And though I laugh I’m beginning to think he may be right – don’t tell him I said this. I use it for toning the skin after cleansing at night, I use it on my underarms and bikini areas after I shave to calm the skin. And as tip from my mom, if you have unwanted tiny moles usually known as tags, applying witch hazel can help remove them. Do this at your own risk though, lol.

As mentioned above I change my lotions depending on my mood, the same is to be said for my soaps. One thing that remains constant though is my brand choice. Oil of Olay consistently provides a product that I don’t feel like dries my skin out after usage. Whether it’s the bar or the body wash option Oil of Olay gives clean feeling without leaving me squeaky and ashy. My favorite bar was an oatmeal variety which I’m not sure they offer anymore, if not, bring it back Olay! For me! If bar soap isn’t your cup of tea I recommend the age-defying body wash – it’s delightful.

For years I was never without my blue medicated tub of Blistex lip balm, then surprisingly after years of exclusively using it – it stopped working for me. For a long time I tried to find a replacement to no avail. Nivea, Kiehl’s, Chapstick, Vaseline; you name it – it’s been on this kisser. Thankfully I decided to go back to Blistex and I found the solution. The medicated chapstick. It was a true lifesaver for me. Now I buy two 3-packs at a time so I’m never caught without it. Because there is nothing worse than chapped lips. Ladies if you’re a lipstick wearer do yourself a favor apply moisturizer beforehand it makes a world of difference. The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious, trust me. If you find something great stick with it. So often I’ve read stories in magazines from beauty editors who say, “I’ve been using this product for 30 years and it’s yet to fail me.” The one commonality I’ve noticed is that it is usually an item that can be found at your local drugstore. Don’t count out Walgreen’s, CVS, or Duane Reade – they may have the answer!

What are your beauty go to’s share with me!




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  1. Kay says:

    It’s funny because I use everything but the olay! I really love the witch hazel for my scalp though if it’s a lot of build up and I have braids or anything life that. I stray away from babyoil for the most part though so I’m not greasy but I may have to incorporate it back into my routine.

  2. DShaunte says:

    Yes, baby oil is always a staple and cotton rounds are definitely necessary. I go on and off with witch hazel. I typically use apple cider Vinegar

  3. Kanani says:

    I consider myself beauty handicapped and this was so easy to digest, understand and actually carry out. Getting these things today to carry on me!

  4. Asea says:

    I love oil of Olay! Definitely a staple for me as well.

  5. I am a drugstore queen. thanks for sharing, I have pretty much the same thing on hand.

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