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We’ve arrived at the final The Hautemommie gift guide and this one is something that will assist you in taking care of your bestie and those gifts you may not want to spend an arm and a leg on. Trust me, we all get it. Nonetheless they won’t think you’re a cheapskate with these goodies but instead the cool friend. Let’s get to it!

From L to R:

  1. Help your bestie grow something and brighten up their space. Plants bring peace and it’s easier than a dog, let’s be honest here.
  2. A book for your bestie that’s all about besties. Bless them with the gift of friendship!
  3. Help your friend write down all those amazing goals for 2017 in this chambray journal, plus what did I tell you about monogramming – boss up in the new year.
  4. New phone case, who dis? Leopard is a neutral – we’ve been over this.
  5. Remember when best friend necklaces were all the rage? Well they’ve grown up a tad and this perfect option. Plus it’s a gift for you too.
  6. Candles make everyone feel fancy and this custom made set from Diptyque? BAHM dot com.
  7. Make sure your bestie knows who she is and what she deserves – remind everyday with this poster.
  8. Through it all love does a lot of things but it never fails.


From L to R:

  1. Why just eat your cheese and crackers off of a plate when you can eat on marble? Stay classy my friends.
  2. It’s all about watching the signs – make it easier and more chic with a letter board.
  3. Keep those earbuds in check with this monogrammed pouch until you spring for wireless. Thanks Tim.
  4. If you’ve seen the series you know how good The 100 is, but books are always better who are we kidding.
  5. Fabulous is a lifestyle. So is champagne – sip in style.
  6. Everyone and their mother has a subscription box these days, but some are really worth while like Quarterly – foodies, fitness gurus, book geeks, and more.
  7. Holidays mean parties and no one hates a boring shindig more than me. Bring in the games! Give laughter this season.

Well HAUTE-ties there you have it, a series of gifts for everyone who’s expecting something from Santa You! The girlboss, the babies, a couple you love, the gift you need under $50, and the beauty babe. I’m so happy I could put this together for you. If you still need help – ask in the comments, I’m here for ya! Happy Holidays!

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