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I‘m back HAUTE-ties with another set of gift guides to help you get everyone in your circle a gift they enjoy longer than it takes to open. Today is all about the wee ones and the girlbosses in your life. I put these two together because, let’s be real – kids run your life and so does this “get ‘er done” woman. Haha. Plus these gifts really are a personal touch for me! As an entrepreneur and a mommie I am always on the lookout for things to make my life easier and my girls happy. That said let’s see what we’ve got!

Up first it’s the girlboss. You know her; the one who works a 9-to-5, has a side hustle, and still manages to make it all look like a walk in the park, because she was made to run things. She needs gifts that serve purpose but also do so with style. All of these cover those requirements – trust me from one girlboss to another, she’ll love them.

From L to R:

  1. A mug that holds her daily caffeine boost – whether tea or a latte she’s busy so she has to get it to go.
  2. She requires space to think, work, and socialize with like-minded individuals – get her a membership to the all new women’s club in NY – The Wing. I’m jealous of her already.
  3. Any true boss knows that every day is worth celebrating, but sometimes there’s no bottles to be popped. Solve that with these boozy bears from Sugarfina.
  4. Who said business cards were dated? They must not have met MOO or have a classy way to whip them out, help your girl close that deal.
  5. This HGIC (head girl in charge) needs one less thing to worry about, help her keep track of her keys, phone, & more with these tags.
  6. Even she wants a moment to decompress and for that a good book and wine will do. Make it easy to take her chillin’ on the road with this e-reader.
  7. Traveling is essential for a girl trying to take the world by storm, keep her prepared for anything with this smart luggage that charges your phone + holds all the shoes needed to kill it.
  8. Failing to plan is planning to fail – keep your lady on schedule with a planner built to last.

Now it’s time to get to the babies! My philosophy on kids gifts is that they should be useful and fun. With every item on this list your children, nieces, nephews, and godbabies are sure to have a great holiday thanks to you!

From L to R:

  1. It’s all about teaching them the fundamentals – if they can juju on the beat, then they better know the ABCs too. Surround them art that teaches.
  2. Legos will never go out of style, but plastic isn’t the best material on the block. So opt for this wooden version that honestly is way more chic anyway.
  3. Because I have daughters I have to include something pretty like this gorgeous frock because you remember how mad I am about plaid, right?
  4. Unicorns are too cute not to believe in – give the gift of imagination to a little one this year.
  5. Kitchen sets have some a long way since I was a kid in the 80s, for a chef in the making this is gold.
  6. Reading is FUNdamental. Help your kiddo see that books are the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Kids these days no nothing about 1-hour photo or polaroids, nostalgia is in. Show them the original Instagram.
  8. If they can make their own veggies, they may be more apt to eat them. Faux salad for that faux kitchen, yes.

I hope this guide helped you figure out what to score for CEOs you’ve got around. Whether they be mamas on the move or precious babes, you can be sure this year won’t be forgotten!

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