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Review: Ouidad Advanced Climate Control System

As a natural hair wearer I do my best to lock down products that will keep my curls defined, frizz free, and soft to the touch. Recently Ouidad sent me their newest collection the Advanced Climate Control system and after trying it on myself and my oldest princess, I’ve decided it’s a keeper! If you’re looking for a product with great cleansing power, a heat spray to keep your tresses protected as you rock your blow out, or a gel that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy – then this is for you. If you love free stuff even more then all that other stuff then you’ll definitely want to keep reading because this is your lucky day! The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything!

As noted here previously my eldest daughter has extremely curly hair that is on the medium thick side. It also has low porosity so it doesn’t absorb water and hold on for dear life. Within minutes of washing her hair it will be completely dry as if I didn’t just douse it in a stream. I decided to try the Advanced Climate Control shampoo and conditioner on her hair because I wanted to see if the products would give her curls what she needed to keep them in place. Sure enough it did just that! In addition to softening her hair and keeping it moisturized which is something I’m always actively trying to achieve. The conditioner didn’t have much slip but still was easy enough to comb through. So far so good.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything! The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything!

After seeing how well conditioner and shampoo worked on her hair I was eager to check it out for myself. It should be noted that I rarely use shampoo to wash my hair as it tends to strip my strands of the natural oils. However once a month I like to go in and do a thorough cleaning to get the product build off that my co-washing routine doesn’t handle. I was pleasantly surprised with this shampoo because it didn’t leave my hair feeling squeaky and in desperate need of love after I using it. Some shampoos can give your hair a brittle feeling even while wet which is something I dislike so much about the average shampoo. Ouidad seems to have handled that with this line.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything!

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The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything!


Lately I’ve been styling my hair after blow drying it because I needed to change from the typical wash and go. Products like the Climate Control detangling heat spray is just the what I need to make the process easier. Typically I comb my hair out, then use the comb attachment on the blow dryer to aid even more with stretching my curls. And I never do any of this without the assistance of some sort of heat protectant because I don’t want to experience any heat damage. From time to time the detangling process combined with the blow dryer isn’t always the smooth. Thankfully Ouidad’s spray was a great solution to both of those worries!

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic In Everything!

When I do wash and go, the trick to ensuring my curls are defined and can last a few days is putting styling product on while in the shower. This helps me ensure that every strand is covered and that my hair dries with the product already applied. Using the advanced climate control gel I was able to achieve a defined style and my curls held up through to the next day with very little…you guessed it! Frizz. Safe to say this was a product that wasn’t all talk and no action. It’s a line I can get behind.

Lucky for you, my good friends at Ouidad want you to have frizz-free hair too! So they’re giving one of you a set of the Advanced Climate Control products to give your hair the love it deserves. Here’s how you enter:

1. Head to my Instagram page ( and hit that follow button!

2. Leave a comment and tag a friend who would also love these products and that’s it, you’re in!

The winner wiil be announced back on this post once chosen, be sure to check back to see if you’ve won!

Good luck and may the curliest girl win!


**As always thank you to the sponsors who help keep The Hautemommie running. This is a sponsored post from Ouidad but all thoughts, opinions, and comments are my own.*


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  1. Erica says:

    I would love to try these products. Your daughter’s hair sounds very similar to mine.

  2. Teya says:

    Great review, I’ll try it

  3. Xomzmieann says:

    Great post 😊 definitely entering this giveaway😊

  4. Rochelle says:

    Great read. I soon as I get home I’m going to look up these products and try them to see if they will work for my natural hair.

  5. Being a gal with low po hair, I would love to give these products a try. I’m crossing my fingers for the win!

  6. Suheily says:

    Great post! I will give it a try!

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