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When Harry’s Shaving company reached out to me, I instantly thought what any lady would – isn’t that a company for men? And while that is true, they realize that the need for a good shave doesn’t end with men. If you’re anything like me smooth legs and underarms are essential, though the former is mainly so I don’t get judged while getting pedicures, if we’re being honest. So when asked if I wanted to check out their Winston razor and kit, I gave a hearty “Sure, I’m down!” HARRYS-SHAVING-SYSTEM-HAUTEMOMMIEAs women most razors available are pink, covered in some sort of lotion bar, and don’t get nearly as close as they should. I’ve tried them all – from those that vibrate to the ones that are useless after one swipe. Harry’s has aimed to rectify that issue by providing a great shave for an even greater price. Looking at the packaging, product names, and taking a whiff of the shaving cream scent you know this isn’t for the ladies. Yet even with all of those factors I can say that I when I used my Winston razor I was impressed.
HAUTEMOMMIE-REVIEWS-HARRYS-SHAVING-SYSTEMWith your initial Harry’s shaving system you’ll receive a razor, two extra blade replacements, a full bottle of shaving cream, and a cover. Once you opt in for the system you can them subscribe to receive replacement razors monthly. You all know I’ve become hip to subscription services as of late and this is just one more way Harry’s is winning. By crafting and creating a razor that is quality and affordable Harry’s is doing what something that’s worth paying attention to. HARRYS-GIVES-HAUTEMOMMIE-A-SHAVE HARRYS-SHAVING-SYSTEM-FOR-WOMENWhile I will say that I think the company would have to add a little more femininity to the line to gain more female buyers; the service, quality, and packaging are top notch. I think adding a gold or rose gold razor would be the perfect move. And probably a different scented shaving cream. I think Harry’s has successfully done what it set out to do – giving a quality, affordable shave.LIFESTYLE-BLOGGER-HAUTEMOMMIE-TRIES-HARRYS-SHAVING-SYSTEM HAUTEMOMMIE-REVIEWS-HARRYS-SHAVING-SYSTEMMy husband also decided to give Harry’s a try and he was thoroughly impressed. Needless to say I’ll be sharing my Winston with him. Or perhaps Harry’s can send them one of his own, I’m sharing my life isn’t that enough?! Hahaha!

Be sure to check out Harry’s online or find them at your local Target. Let me know how it goes!



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