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The Hautemommie EATS: Svelte Matcha Protein Shake

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’ve missed it more than a few times. Largely because I wake up in the morning and instantly want to jump into working. Sure avocado toast, a quick scramble, and a bowl of oatmeal are easy go to’s but I needed something even easier. Which is why I decided to opt for the shake route. Are you looking for something quick and tasty? Jump into this post for more! -- keeping an element of chic in everything!

I’ve tried a number of protein shakes and usually they all end in me saying, “Blech, this tastes like health. And I hate it.” When I found Svelte I was super impressed with the flavor and I found myself excited for breakfast in the morning. After trying the cappuccino and chai flavors I will say the vanilla became a quick favorite because I can easily add to it to create my own twist on breakfast. -- Breakfast on the go with Svelte protein

Matcha has become a culinary trend lately because of its health benefits and I’m all in. Adding it to my svelte shake was a natural choice. Matcha’s benefits include things like being high in antioxidants which help combat cancer, help to burn fat, calms your mind, and also boosts your energy. It’s a great alternative to coffee for those of who are looking for that extra umph in the morning. I’m allergic to caffeine so I can’t handle coffee that isn’t decaf, matcha gives me exactly what I need. Combining it with a Svelte shake ensures I’m full in the morning and ready to go. -- Keeping An Element of breakfast

Matcha Protein Shake from The Hautemommie -- -- breakfast with Svelte and House of Matcha

This recipe is super simple and easy to make not to mention tasty and it doesn’t taste as healthy as it truly is for you! Yes, go ahead you can thank me now. No more mornings of nothing to eat and feeling like you may starve by 9am. This is especially perfect for those of you who commute and need something of the eat and run fashion. Just throw it in a cup and go! - House of Matcha and Target!

Matcha: House of Matcha // Shake: Svelte

I imagine you all will enjoy this as much as I do not to mention to you can also use Svelte as a base for just about anything. Try strawberries, bananas, or other frozen fruits for an easy meal that’s healthy and takes no time!

Enjoy your morning!



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