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Creating Branded Assets For Your Business Is Required

As an entrepreneur I am always being asked my tips on being successful, naturally I want to share my insight. I am constantly thinking of ways to ensure that consumers return to shop my clothing, read my blog, or watch my TV show again. When you’re working hard to create a business you don’t want to leave any opportunities on the table. Keep reading to see why creating branded assets is required for success.

Often I shop online and when I receive packages that include nothing with the purchase to make me think of the brand again, I’m disappointed. Each chance you have, you want to make a customer out of someone. Which is why related posts are at the bottom of each post, to encourage readers continue scrolling through my site. Similarly each purchase made from my clothing company comes two marketing inserts. A sheet of stickers with designs of some of my tees and two cards complete with instructions on how to care for the merchandise. Plus another with a quote from a notable HBCU alum. These small touches make it easily for people to engage with my brand. Check out a sample below!

The Hautemommie: One Mom Keeping Life Chic

If I’ve learned anything about business, it’s that people like things to be easy.

Which means make it simple for them to find you online, tag you in photos, and spread the word about what you’re doing. Most companies now have some form of social media presence, if not, they’re losing. For certain businesses that is Twitter, for others it may be Instagram. Regardless of the medium the goal is the same, be interesting enough to bring people back. Branded assets help customers find and connect with your brand easily. On those cards I mentioned earlier, always included is my company IG handle and a hashtag I created. It may not be remembered off hand when someone needs it, but the card will serve as the reminder. BAM, easy and tagged!

The Hautemommie: Keeping Life Chic

The above photo is an example of a hashtag working in your favor. Each person featured tagged my company on Instagram, making it simply to find and share the photos. This is essentially “free advertising.” You may be wondering, where should you get your branded assets? There are a variety of companies to choose from but my personal favorites are MOO and Sticker Mule. This is not sponsored I simply can fully endorse both. Each provide quality products as well as quick turn around, which is imperative for a small business owner. Running out of proper filler for packages can be frustrating when you have a host of orders waiting for shipment. These two companies have been aiding me in providing quality assets for years.

If you’ve been looking for ways to easily and effectively grow your business, branded assets are the way. A company that does a great job at that? glossier.  A prime example are their pink bubble ziploc bags. These are the best because they’re reusable, and because you can only score one from the brand, you’re likely to rebuy even if just for this item. Not to mention you now associate this bag with this brand, even without a visible logo. That my friends is top notch branding.

The Hautemommie: One Mama Keeping Life Chic

Hopefully I gave you a bit of insight on what you need to add to your repertoire for making your brand stand even more as we head into the new year. This is one of the key ways to be sure that your business is a go to for year’s to come.

Can you name some of your favorite brands that have great keepsakes?


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  1. Vanessa says:

    This is a great read! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You’r so on money, I love when brands include branded assets when sending items. I feel like the brand is giving me more love. A great brand that does this is also Viva La Bonita, she includes stickers with empowering female statements and special discount code cards. Looking forward to your next post!

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